Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just Like On The Moon.

Ok a cryptic title I know.....but bear with me here.

Daphne et moi went to see "Looking For Eric" this afternoon and what a good movie it was, to be sure (to be sure). Very British in a sort of Full Monty sort of way and I know subtitles will be needed if it ever gets released in America...or most of the rest of the world really. Maybe even anywhere south of Sheffield !!

For a start THE Eric Cantona appears in it and even when he's not speaking in French, he's still coming out with nonsence bits of advice and going on about seagulls and so on. His tongue is so firmly in his cheek at times that even a Frenchman would be hard pushed to understand him.

Then there are the Brit actors. The star is our own Steve Evets and he's about the most intelligable one in the whole thing. Well I say 'our own Steve' as he was on the books of Daphne's agency when she single handedly got him the role but then the big London agencies came along and spirited him away with offers of bright lights and golden paved streets or something like that.

Anyway we really went to see the movie because of Steve being in it and I can happily report that he was fab, brill and a star. Hollywood Walk of Fame here he comes.

As for Ooh Ahh Cantona, well he was just himself really and I guess he was good too in a sort of big headed Gerard Depardieu sort of way, but less fat, more French and better looking - and possibly a better actor too.

We were the only two in the entire cinema. I know it was out of town at 1:30pm on a Tuesday but even so, I'd have thought it would get a few more punters in. It hasn't even made £1m yet but then it was probably made on a budget like most Brit movies and so anything over £2.50 should be into profit. I think it deserves every penny.

So what about the cryptic blog title ?

Well as we were the only patrons, think about it !!!


Daphne said...

Yes, it was a small step for the already-famous Eric Cantona but a giant leap for Steve Evets, who has never played such a big leading role, and who really is superb in it.

Putz said...

go to the bottom for my interesting comment of this page or so

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