Monday, June 29, 2009

Sky's The Limit

Sky Sports has been running a series of self promoting adverts for their HD service on some channels.

This involves showing super slow moton HD video clips of action from various sports and I mean SUPER slow motion. At first glance it looks like you're seeing a still image. Yes it's THAT slow.

So what on earth possessed those in power to show a cricket clip in this series is beyond me.

Think about it ? Cricket in super slow motion !!

Much as I love the game, it's not up there in visual excitement terms with footy or F1 racing and surely does little to increase the urge to subscribe to Sky's HD service.

Actually the next time it comes on I'm going to really look closely.

I suspect they HAVE just used a still photo !!

1 comment:

Daphne said...

That reminds me of The Goodies, years ago - - whenever they were supposedly watching cricket on TV it WAS just a still photo! I can imagine that tennis, say, might be interesting to watch slowed down so much, though.

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