Monday, June 01, 2009

A Walk On The Wild Side

After walking for 2 hrs around the park yesterday, the last thing I felt like doing today was going for another walk.  More than doing it for the exercise, today it was mainly due to hearing about the missing plane (see previous post) and thinking that the life we take for granted could be taken away in a heartbeat that got me up off my backside and out into the fresh air again.

So I decided to go to Eccup Reservoir which involved going along my country path that I've blogged about before.  First I walked through a few streets in my estate and I have to say even that was a pretty start to the walk.

Then it was country path time and after my litter strewn walk yesterday, it was refreshing to go along this path with no litter in sight. Maybe the lack of people was the reason but whatever, I loved it. I also loved the canopy created by the overhanging trees which as well as giving me some brief shade from the sun, created an almost tunnel like effect for my walk.

At the end of the path, it meets up with the very busy A61, Harrogate Road, and while waiting for a break in the traffic, I set the camera up on a bollard and took a photo of me with the path behind me.

That's my mp3 headphones lead you see and not a hearing aid.  I'm not quite at that stage yet. I then took the following photo while crossing the road and considering I was trying to avoid death by bus, it came out pretty well !

Then it was down the hill to the reservoir and it was looking stunning in the late afternoon sunshine. There were joggers, cyclists and walkers like myself and still, no litter. See, we CAN get it right sometimes.

At this point I turned around and walked back home. I'd been out for 2.5 hrs and was jiggered. After almost 5 hours out and about over the last 2 days, I plan on putting my tired old legs up tomorrow. I have to stay in anyway as I'm expecting a new combination microwave from Amazon so that'll be my excuse.

I just hope it doesn't arrive at 9am !!


Debby said...


Is that a bicycle laying in the road in that last picture???

We will definitely do that walk when I get there next summer!

Silverback said...

So tempting to say something else but yes, it was a bike and you can see the owner just got off it to take a photo of the reservoir.....quite why he left it in the road and didn't prop it up on the wall is another matter.
Maybe he laid it down REALLY gently.

Jennyta said...

You mean there really is a place called Eccup??

Milo said...

Glad you're out enjoying the glorious weather (some of us are stuck in an office all day! :) )

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