Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Up Close And Personal

I'm just back from my daily walk and today it was in some sweltering late afternoon heat which registered 82F in the shade. Hopefully all my personal sweltering will have helped to dribble off a few pounds !

Today I took my new binoculars with me, a wonderful pressie from Daphne & Stephen for my birthday last week. Thank you guys. I've never had a decent pair of binoculars before - apart from a cheap plastic pair I got in a lucky dip bag when I was a kid.

I got more use out of the bag.

For those in the know, these are Opticron Taiga 8x25 binoculars which means little to me except that they are fabby dabby. That's technical speak for very good. I can spot planes landing at Manchester airport from my back garden - in Leeds.

They really do start their descent far too early in my opinion.

So there I was, walking along in the sunshine and looking for anything moving in the distance. The thing is, the countryside here isn't exactly teeming with worthy wildlife of the sort I see in central Florida but I did see enough to justify taking the bins with me.

I spotted several birds but of course I don't know a crow from a bald eagle and so an unknown bird in the distance is still an unknown bird with the binoculars, only much closer. I may have to dust off my Ladybird Book Of British Birds that I was given as a teenager. Back then I remember being distinctly upset when it didn't turn out to be a book with photos of Sun Page 3 girls and so it may be more useful to me now !

I saw a few wabbits and where the path crossed a golf course I used the binoculars to get upclose views of some golfers trying to get their balls out of the heavy rough. That was fun.

I just don't know if I should take them to Italy next month. I mean I could see the Pope up close when he's on his balcony after all. The real benefit will be when I return to Florida and get to see the wildlife there up close.

Although when it comes to the gators, I'll be happy enough to see them from a distance.


Daphne said...

If you are planning on throwing pebbles at the gators in your usual way, you will have to adjust your throw if you are looking through the binoculars at the same time. You will have to throw the pebble much, much further. I hope that this advice is helpful.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Be careful using those binoculars around Leeds as you could be mistaken for some kind of deviant or Muslim terrorist. Then you'd never get back to Sebring.

jay said...

Aaah, the Joy of Bins!! LOL!

I have a pair of Panasonic binoculars, and they're great! Nothing like the hugely heavy, German made, leather-covered things that my Dad had when I was young!

"An unknown bird in the distance is still an unknown bird with the binoculars, only much closer"


Milo said...

Once upon a time I quite liked birds *cough*.

I really like vultures. Loved seeing them in Africa when I was there last year. Did you see any in the US? I think they're in the desert areas though (Nevada etc).

I love Red Kites which I think I've seen as a child, in Wales. Always wanted to see Ospreys too. It's big birds that I like. I have little interest in small ones regardless of how colourful or rare etc.

Silverback said...

Daphne thanks for the pebble advice. Noted.

I'm not even going to comment on your comment YP, not until that visa is in my passport.

Can't beat German lenses, Judy. I have them in my glasses already !

Lots of vultures around Sebring, Milo and I'm sure I've put photos up at some time. Hope that cough gets better !

Daphne said...

I have to join in with this, in a jumping-up-and-down-with-excitement kind of way. I saw lots of vultures in Florida (oh, yes, I've been to Florida, you know!!) - fascinating birds.
And today, in Wales, on the way to Tenby, I saw four red kites, clearly circling above something edible. We have them at Eccup Reservoir near Leeds too. - - Shall I stop now? Yes, I think I will. I'm on holiday, you know, all exuberant.

Frank said...

You've been quiet for a few days - where are you?

Btw, I've let go of the critical naivete blog - it was started without a properly defined purpose, not a good idea I soon realised. Glad to report the new improved blog though, focussed and full of purpose! Giving me a reason to get back to my love of photography too - something we appear to share.

Hope you can pop by every now and again. But more importantly, keep the posts coming regularly here!

Frank said...

p.s. in case you didn't realise, I've changed my name from The Good Life to Frank. Much simpler!

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