Monday, June 08, 2009


"Y'buy one, y'get one free"
"I said, y'buy one, y'get one free."

Ah don't we all just love that advert for Safestyle UK double glazing ?!  No, I know we don't BUT we remember it !  At least I've just proved that I do.

Anyway this is a 2 for 1 post today as I've just been out for some fresh air and the walk has stimulated my endorphins. That'll teach me to go commando !

So I walked the 20 mins to my doctor's surgery/office and met a few people along the way.  Did any wish me a good morning ?  No.  Did any smile and return my smile to them ?  No.  Did any even raise their heads and make eye contact ?  No.  

Well actually one did all three. She was a young mum pushing her kiddie in a pram and she looked right at me, smiled broadly and gave me a cheery good morning.  It was almost a shock and for a split second I wondered if she was part of a sting operation designed to throw me off guard while an accomplice darted out of the bushes and mugged me.

I know we're living through harsh times but not SO harsh that we can't greet fellow pedestrians. It was like being on the London Underground today. I miss Buttonwood Bay as about 95% of people I meet on my daily walks there (YES daily, damn you) not only smile and say hello but also wave if they're on the other side of the street. Those that don't, tend to be blind and/or deaf so fair enough.  I know deep down they'd wave too if only they could see and hear me !

Everyone here is plugged into their ipods or furiously texting their mates, telling them that they're on such and such a street and should be crossing onto such and such a street in 5 minutes.  However did we manage before texting ?

And speaking of all things electronic (a dubious link if ever there was one), I bought a new laptray for my laptop the other day and I'd highly recommend it. Previously I'd always used one of those tv trays with a bag containing thousands of little polystyrene beads to provide padding for my old thighs and knees.  Over time those beads provide less and less padding and I was ending up with just the wooden tray on my legs - which hurt.

So on a trip to Costco recently I spotted this wonderful item.

The padded bag is full of something resembling that memory foam they put in high end mattresses and pillows and man is it good.  I'm hoping it'll outlast my laptop and probably my legs too and the signs are good. And look, its blue, my fav colour and it has a cute little carry handle.

By the way, I've just uploaded the above photo to show the tray.  So don't ask me about the laptop as I don't know anything about it.  Same goes for the girl - I've no idea what she thinking about (although I can't imagine that typing position doing her back any good at all).  The laptop and the woman are NOT the reason why I posted the photo, capiche !


Debby said...

I do miss Fred Elliot, I say, I say, I really do.

I also miss BB where EVERYONE smiles and waves.

I still use the laptray of your Mum's even though there are NO beans left in it. It's just a board now. Can't seem to part with it.

Daphne said...

What kind of trees are the ones on the photo on the laptop? - - I'm only joking, honest!!

Jennyta said...

Now here in sunny north Wales, about 50% of people acknowledge you in the street, including the fishermen I pass on my walks with Paddy around the lake.

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