Thursday, August 01, 2013

Is It Monday Yet ?

Well, thinking that uploading a photo a day from my extensive collection would get my blogging juices flowing again clearly didn't work very well !

I'm pretty much the same with most things I do.  Take exercise for example.  For 3 weeks in July, admittedly when the weather was fantastic, I went out for a 50 minute walk EVERY day and it was great.  The idea was to take it steady and build up my speed and hopefully I'd get fitter AND lose some weight too. Then I missed a day and I totally lost momentum. I've not exercised now for over a week.

Converting my VHS home video to dvd ?  Yeah that also started with great enthusiasm but after creating 7 or 8 dvds, I lost interest and am still stuck back in 1991. 

I've thousands of photos to name and catalogue because if anyone asked me for a photo of Whitby Abbey, it would take a day of searching to find one.  Same with music.  I've hundreds of downloaded albums but many need to be edited so they can be quickly found.  
The list of things that need to be done around the house grows and grows.  I've needed new curtains for 20 years; a new fireplace is on the list, not to improve the look of the living room but because the current fire is so old, British Gas won't service it anymore and on full power it puts out less heat than a candle.  A small candle that only gets lit on a Tuesday. 

It was in my yute that I took the maxim "never put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the day after" and merged it with the old song lyric "till the 12th of never" to create my life mantra.

So what to make of all this ?  Am I lazy ?  I think that much is clear.  

I also like to start projects but quickly lose interest in them.

So I'm going to make a start on things again.  But it's Thursday so no point in doing so this week.  I mean, it's nearly over.  So Monday it is then.  I'll go and check out new fire places.  Pop into a curtain shop and see what's what.  I might copy another vhs tape to dvd.  That'll be enough for one week I think.

Just not sure which week !


Jennyta said...

Procrastination! Something we retirees almost all suffer from. For me, having time to do what I want when I want (within reason) is something I really value. It's fantastic! You have the luxury of doing things when you are in the mood - and if it takes 20 years to get into the mood, so be it. ;)

Helsie said...

Jenny has hit the nail right on the head. My big problem is how easy it is to while away time sitting at the computer. I'm like you I vow to get more exercise then can't be bothered.
Perhaps if we blogged each day about our excuses for not getting out and exercising it would give us something to write abbout too ???

rhymeswithplague said...

At last you have returned! I see that you have updated your "About Me" also to admit that you are not 59 any more.

You needn't apologize fer yer lack o' exercise if you had a 50-minute walk every day for 3 weeks. The key is how far did your walks take you. Fifty minutes would have gotten me to the mailbox and back.

Please work into your next post, if you can, how Daphne and Stephen are doing and whether her mum has overcome her health issues. Bloggers just dropping off the face of cyberspace is enough to give all of us palpitations.

Good to see you back in the harness (not that you are actually back in a harness, mind you, at least I don't think you are back in a harness... that would expose a whole new side of you we haven't seen before... I mean ... oh, forget it).

Milo said...

Are there any cycling tracks near you? I got into cycling about 2 years ago and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. That said, I haven't cycled much the last 10 months as I am working from home and not needing to cycle to an office! Am planning to start cycling to my French classes though.

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