Friday, June 05, 2009

Food for Thought

I said I'd get a few posts out of the photos I took in Bridlington on Tuesday and here is another one.

It's also on a food theme as the 3 photos are all menus and I thought they might be of interest to readers from other countries.  Or even from the UK when you look at the first one.

It was bad enough that every meal for kids came with chips (fries) but I think someone hadbeen tinkering with the gene pool as nothing in nature would ever get a turkey and a dinosaur to 'get it on.'  Wonder was it fresh ?!

I just HAD to photograph the next one because on one of the Ulster Word Of The Day (UWOTD) posts, I mentioned 'mineral' as being a collective word for all sorts of pop/soda when I was growing up in N. Ireland. And now here it was being used in Yorkshire !

Finally this is part of the menu from the cafe where we had a light snack before leaving Bridlington. We arrived not long before they were closing and when we were told the kitchen was closed for hot food and they only had tea/coffee and things like scones, we were ok as that was exactly what we'd gone in for.

I only show it here in case anyone from foreign shores wouldn't know what to expect from a bed & breakfast establishment most of these meals would be typical of a full English breakfast and I can tell you that any of these choices would set you up for a day of walking around being a tourist.

I suspect the larger ones might force you to have a mid morning nap first !!


jay said...

My kids used to love turkey dinosaurs, which are, in fact, an oven baked morsel made up of chewed up, spat out and glued together turkey 'meat' (for want of a better word) mixed with assorted preservatives and monosodium glutamate.

I'm a bit worried about the childs carvery though. I mean, there's no apostrope, so do they mean a carvery made of cooked children, or do they actually give each child a carving knife and a roast joint?

The mind boggles!

Daphne said...

I love looking at menus apart from those snobby ones where they serve you a square centimetre of duck's beak filled with chocolate and chives, and charge you twenty quid for the privilege. But those breakfasts - - now you're talking!

Debby said...

I remember all the breakfasts at the B & B's we stayed at. We'd sneak the sausages into ziplock bags to have as sannies for our lunch. There was still a ton of food to eat. My very favorite one was that B & B in Scotland.....I can still taste that food!

Milo said...

Depresses me to see that. Soo different to places like Italy, Spain and France where children grow up on predominantly healthy, tasty fresh food. The British diet is so invariably sh*t, especially at the lower end of the social spectrum where it really is dire; depressing.

rhymeswithplague said...

What in the world is Black Pudding?

When our Food Network channel started a few years back on the telly, they didn't have enough local talent to fill out a day's programming so they imported some from the BBC. I remember with fondness Two Fat Ladies toodling around the U.K. on a motorcycle and sidecar when they weren't busy in the kitchen cooking up their own particular brand of mischief. Some of their food looked positively awful (an oxymoron, eh, what?) to American eyes.

No offense.

rhymeswithplague said...

My question about Black Pudding was neither facetious nor rhetorical. I really want to know!

Silverback said...

I just thought that, as an educated American (and that's not an oxymoron), you'd have tried to Google it.

Daphne said...

I don't often eat Black Pudding, because it's not terribly healthy and the thought of it's a bit off-putting - - but I love it!

rhymeswithplague said...

Ian, I thought your advice was excellent -- how silly of me to have thought of having a conversation with another human when the latest technology was available! -- and after hitting myself on the head with a hammer several times for having thought it, I Googled "Black pudding" and was led to a Wikipedia article that included a full-color photograph.

I'm sorry I asked. I'm sorry I Googled. I'm sorry I ever brought up the subject. Oh, wait, you were the one who brought up the subject with a photograph of your own.


Silverback said...

Apology accepted.

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