Monday, June 22, 2009

Visa & The Wart

Sounds like the title of a low budget horror flick or the latest RomCom with Hugh Grant but I really just want to give an update on both things as they apply to me.

My stubborn wart is still lingering on the end of my left index finger despite 2 freezings by the doctor and 2 by me. Time's getting on and so I finally made the call today to set up an appointment at the US Embassy in London to get another 10 year visa.

I answered the questions as fast as I could but thanks to having to listen to a recorded message at the start and then the lady telling me exactly the same info when she came on, the call took almost 9 minutes at £1.20/min. Nice to know I'll be partly funding the next Shuttle mission or maybe helping to bail out GM.

Part of the procedure involved me giving my credit card details as they took $131 from me to pay for everything that is involved in giving me a visa......or not. You see they'll keep my money even if a visa is refused. Or if I don't make it past security with my warty index finger.

Hence the urgency in getting rid of the little bugger.

I think I'll give it another zap myself as in my mind, it's only hanging on with a few strands of root now. If that doesn't work, then it's time to get out the big guns. Or more specifically the big knife. This sucker is coming off one way or another.

Then I'll be working on the best (cheapest) way of getting to London and it looks like driving there will be top choice. So if any readers have a parking space going begging near Grosvenor Square for a few hours on 23rd July, please let me know. Even near a tube station would do, I'm not fussy.

Right, where's that knife sharpener ?


Daphne said...

I think turning up with nine fingers, a large bandage and a dripping trail of blood would also look a bit dodgy, do please consider that!
Seriously, I've never seen stricter rules anywhere than on their form - - and to anyone who's thinking "oh, a tiny wart can't make all that difference" - yes, it definitely can!

Debby said...

Yay! You made the call!

Your blog title reminded me of 'Freebie & the Bean'...never saw it, just remember hearing it.

rhymeswithplague said...

Good luck with the wart and the visa. Hoping both come off nicely, I remain, yr obdt svt, etc.....

Oh, and bring money.

Yellow Swordfish said...

I thought we couldn't get visa's anymore? I had a 10 year multiple entry visa and about 5 years into it the guy at Newark immigration ripped it out of my passport saying it was no longer required or valid. Or is this just because of the length of time you stay over there?

And good luck with the wart!

Silverback said...

That's bizarre Andy, and quite frightening. You need a B-2 visa if you want to visit America for longer than 3 months and not more than 6 months.

Even if you weren't going for anything like that long on your visit, that agent should never have torn ANY page out of your passport, never mind the one with the visa on it. What if you wanted to go for 4 months the following year ?

Wow. I'm not sure but a passport with a missing page could well be invalid.

CLS said...

well - - Mary and I were considering 'adoption' although that might be a bit upsetting to our lifestyle .............

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Silverback - My daughter is also faced with visa nightmare for her one year of study in Alabama. They set the exorbitant fees, they set the inconvenient appointment times, they decide that people living far distant from London should have to travel down south at great expense etc.. It's very wrong and so arrogant of the US authorities to call the shots in this way.

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