Thursday, June 25, 2009

Easy To Remember, Hard to Forget

Given the news that Michael Jackson died earlier today, I at least will never have a problem remembering the date in years to come. He died on my birthday !

Even death has a pecking order and the death of Farrah Fawcett, sad as it was, wouldn't have caused me to remember that it happened on this day in years to come. Her death has been trumped.

Like him or lothe him, he was a hard figure to ignore and in the often bizarre world of modern celebrity, this counted for everything. The old phrase about any publicity being good publicity could've been written for him and his troubled life.

No doubt the music industry will be rushing out a single or an album as they always do when a star dies as it's pretty much guaranteed to shoot to the top of the charts. Worked for Elvis, worked for John Lennon and it'll work for Michael Jackson.

It's not the reason for getting to No.1 that he would've wanted at this time. He was only 50.

He'll be an easy target for sick jokes that will soon be flying around the internet which no one deserves. I was never too sure about what to make of him and his personal life but I loved a lot of his music and for that reason alone, I'm saddened by his death.


Debby said...

Way too young to die for sure.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

Well said Ian and I too thought "poor Farrah" when I heard the news.

MJ has been the soundtrack to my life and I am very sad tonight. I will also always remember I was in the loo at the Art Institute in Chicago when I heard the news!

Happy Birthday :-)

Daphne said...

It does have an "end of an era" feel to it, as with Elvis. I'm not looking forward to the endless raking over of his personal life - I wish they'd just let his music be what's remembered (and actually, I think I'm the one person in the world who didn't like "Thriller"!)

The Good Life said...

I saw him in Concert (Cork, July 1988) and he was a showman extraordinaire. Sad he didn't get to perform one last time - he so nearly made it.

pamokc said...

I saw your comments over on Britgal Sarah's page and had to come over here to comment! Good post re MJ and I agree with you totally. A complex, flawed, tortured, talented, sometimes creepy, always intriguing guy.

BTW, I have some in-laws that live within walking distance of Roundhay Park, just couldn't believe the coincidence. Small world indeed. Sarah comes from the same area of England where my husband was raised!

Milo said...

Belated happy birthday, hope you had a good day!

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