Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Money Worries ? Sleep On It.

The news report today about the Tel Aviv woman who decided to replace her mothers mattress as a surprise, not knowing her mother had stuffed $1m in life savings inside it, brings up several questions.

1) Are banks so out of favour that there is a need to hoard that much money in a mattress ?

2) Why was the daughter not in on this cunning plan ?

3) How did she accumulate $1m in cash anyway ?

4) How much is a plane ticket to Isreal ?

I'm amazed that the names of potential dumps were given in the article as I'm sure a few people might decide to go there and hunt for the old mattress themselves. Does the woman still have ownership rights ? I mean she threw it out so does that mean it's up for grabs ?

Normally I'd have to think twice about wanting a used mattress from a dump site. Lets face it, it wouldn't be in prime condition and no amount of febreze would help. But one stuffed full of money might just get me down there, or over there in this case.

The daughter was philosophical about it all - easy for her !

The mother ? Not so much. The last line of the article is a classic and I don't think she'll be sleeping well for some time to come, despite her nice new mattress !


rhymeswithplague said...

How funny! And how sad! All at the same time....

Katherine said...

I was going to say the same as Robert.. That last line! I felt guilty smiling. Wish I had that much!
But, having recently read "One Thousand Suns", there might be a sadder story in this one too.

Daphne said...

With the best will in the world, I sense that mother-daughter relations may never fully recover from this. How cruel we are to laugh at others' misfortune! (mind you, it was funny though)

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