Saturday, June 13, 2009

Email Address

As my email address contains my real name, I've never wanted to show it in my profile. However some readers, new and old, may want to expand on a comment or even ask me something they don't want to ask in a comment !! There have also been times I've wanted to get in touch with someone who has left a comment and I'd like to have said, email me please.

So for these reasons I've created a special email address just for that purpose and you can get to it by looking at the contact section in my profile.

Feel free to write to me. In fact, WRITE DAMMIT. Everyone likes to get mail after all and given the hours I'm online, you can be pretty sure you'll get a prompt reply.


Daphne said...

Of course the name you use on the internet isn't a silly one, like the one I use on the internet - - the only thing is, my internet name bears a startling similarity to my real one. Anyway, I've tried that email address now. Hope it works.

Debby said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh a special email address. Aren't you just hot shit???

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