Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Knew It - TV Is Educational !!

Bare statement : Most of what I've learned about life has come from television.

I know I may be trivialising the role played by my parents, family, friends and even school teachers, but I really think that statment is true. Remember I watch A LOT of television.

And I had pretty crap school teachers !

The only reason to amend the statement would be say that since I got my broadband internet connection, the World Wide Web has somewhat taken over as my comforting source of all knowledge. And porn.

So with both at my fingertips even away from home, they continue to drip feed me information about important news events, vital sporting results and, naturally, porn. For that last one, television isn't really much good but that's mostly down to me fiddling with the parential control on my cable box and now I can't undo the bloody thing. T'internet more than makes up for that of course but means I can NEVER leave my laptop in for repairs !!

Anyway now it's official. Television is educational and we're not talking Natl Geographic or Discovery channels here (or the Food Network in the US). Oh no.

Although a harrowing basic news story, the following report in my local paper (found online of course as I've not bought a newspaper for over 20 years) did contain the not (to me) surprising fact that someone used information gained from a tv series to help them in the darkest moment of their life. And an American tv show at that !!

In brief, a defenseless 89 year old woman was attacked and twice raped in her own home by a 20 stone Leeds doorman who had come from Angola on a false passport in 2002 and was then granted asylum. To all law abiding and 'normal' people, this was a despicable act and I was glad to read that after this animal serves his 9 year jail sentence, he will be deported from the UK.

And good riddance.

The positive part of the story was how the rapist was caught. The little old lady did it !

It seems she was a fan and regular watcher of the tv show CSI, about the the forensic team from a crime lab set in Las Vegas. One of my favs too. It seems that even in the middle of this shattering and deeply personal attack, she had the presence of mind to remember that criminals can be traced by their DNA and so she scratched the face of her attacker to get some of his skin under her fingernails !

Ok no matter what your age, to think to do that while being raped is something almost beyond belief. To do it at 89 is mind blowing to me.

The perp's DNA was on file thanks to a prior conviction and so he was picked up 2 days after the attack and I'm sure the scratches on his face were still there for all to see and would've sealed the case against him with the DNA results as the clincher.


Sadly, but not suprisingly, the poor woman was badly shocked by the attack and has had to leave her home and go into a care facility. There is something to be said for the punishment fitting the crime and maybe if Mr. Angola had his bits chopped off, he'd think twice about a repeat offence. Actually 'thinking' about it would be all he'd be capable of doing and that would be the point of the punishment. Seems we're more civilized than he was.

So there we have it. The internet has given me evidence that television is educational.

Even though I knew it already, that's a win/win in my book.


Daphne said...

There really isn't an appropriate punishment for such a vile crime - - as long as the people doing the punishing want to stay more civilised than the attacker, as you say - - and I think on balance that we do, tempting though it is! But at least they're deporting him after his prison sentence. And as for people - and there are many - who won't have a television in the house, won't let their kids watch it etc - - well, seriously, provided the kids' viewing is monitored, television is a tremendous educational resource - - as this brave old lady proved.

Jennyta said...

OOps, sorry, Ian but I'm afraid I got stuck at the comment about porn - Hmm, and I thought you were such a nice man!! ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Who is this Porn fellow you're on about? Is it a new detective series or something?...Regarding the case of the 89 year old rape victim - some news items just beggar belief. If I had my way I would bring back town stocks for scum like Mr Angola and then he would experience natural justice -the wrath of his community before his inevitable castration.

jay said...

Porn, huh? Well, well. But surely it's not illegal so that shouldn't stop you dropping your laptop off for repairs, unless, of course, you're embarrassed or into the really sleazy stuff. LOL!

The old lady did very well. I've always thought if ever I were attacked, it's what I'd do. A good slice across the eyes with the fingernails would provide a decent scraping of DNA and at the same time might even stop the basket in his tracks. ;)

Silverback said...

Ok people, the porn thing was a JOKE !


Damian said...

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