Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm All A Twitter

I finally gave in to peer pressure and joined Twitter at the weekend.

I should say I rejoined as it seems I joined before but never went back in to do much about it and lost interest. But with every celeb man and his celeb dog now twittering like talking had never been invented, I thought I'd better join in or miss out on personal photos and stories from these people. When you have over a million followers, what better way to tell them that you've had marmalade on your toast in the morning ! If that can be called news.

Nowadays, many 'proper' news stories break first on twitter so all in all, I felt it time to give it another try. I mean, as I'm already on Facebook, My Space, Skype and every IM program on the internet, why not add another application ?! Don't want to be a recluse after all.

My first celeb to follow was Stephen Fry as lets face it, he is Mr. Twitter if you're a Brit. He's forgotten more words than I know and even his updates are like thesaurus words strung into sentences. Wonderful. Prof Stephen Hawking had to be next as who knows what amazing updates he might give me. This is his bio on Twitter. "Theoretical physicist and Lucasian Professor of Mathematics At The University of Cambridge."

Well damn, he's gotta be worth following ! Actually I was glad to read on an update of his that he was watching Scrubs. Good man. Even a genius needs to relax now and then. I think that's what I'm going to like about Twitter. Reading about extraordinary people (??) doing ordinary things. We shall see.

Buzz Aldrin has just posted an update......Velocity vectors, gravity-assist trajectories, conic asimtotes -- that's what's on my mind the day after our 40th Apollo anniversary..

Oh I can see this is going to be a laugh a minute ! Maybe I need to follow a few comedians to balance the books, so to speak. Come on Eddie Izzard, make me laugh.

Given my plethera of internet communication methods, I risk becoming more and more like the Sandra Bullock character on The Net when, as part of the plot, she realises that she has spent so much of her life on the internet that when her identity is stolen, no one in the real world knows her enough to verify who she says she is !

As old Rene once said......"Cogito, Ergo Sum".

Well maybe not. Not unless he had a twitter account.


Ruth said...

I wasn't sure whether to post a comment on here or on Twitter. Perhaps I'll do both.

I should warn you most of Eddie Izzard's tweets are about the weather or his tour dates. I don't think he's ever funny on Twitter but many other comedians are.

I am glad to be your tweep friend/follower and look forward to your tweets as much as your blog posts.

rhymeswithplague said...

I'm not on Twitter or Facebook or Skype. Guess I'll just have to muddle through unaware.

The verification word is "fulatoof" and I think it is what those who Twitter are.

Daphne said...

I'm still finding my way round Twitter (mind you, I'm still finding my way round how to programme a Betamax video recorder) but I have to say that it does seem fun. Slightly worried that I'll never get any work done ever again though.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

I did twitter for about a month seriously earlier this year. But it was just too much what with FB and a blog, so I am happily de-activated and will staying that way.

Debby said...


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