Friday, July 10, 2009

Having Fun In Tenby

This morning, after going on a very tiring boat trip around the local islands (not quite the same as around The Caribbean but still.......), we decided to stop for a bite to eat back in town.

If it's one thing Tenby is not short of, it's places to eat. This is despite the wonderful fact that there are no fast food outlets like McDonalds, Burger King and KFC as the town fathers obviously decided that they weren't welcome here and jolly good for them, I say.

Walk up any of the narrow, delightful Tenby streets and you get the distinct impression that there would be no room for them anyway as pubs, restaurants and cafes all rub neighbourly shoulders with each other, each vying for customer attention by listing on chalk boards every food item they serve. This is all well and good but it means it takes forever to pass one of these establishments as there are a LOT of food items listed.

The one in the photograph below was typical and I suggested to Daphne and Stephen that I should go in and ask if they served food !! I suspect I might have been treated to a few choice Welsh expletives not to be found in any guide book.

After our snack we walked back to the hotel for a bit of a rest as we'd walked for miles on the beach last night until it got too dark so see where we were going. Thankfully we used a nearby lighthouse as a guide to staying off the rocks and made it back safe and sound, if very tired.

As part of our day out yesterday, we'd been to a lovely beach called Freshwater West, only to be told later that they had filmed scenes for the next Harry Potter movie there a few weeks ago (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 1) and on that lovely beach they had constructed a shell house belonging to Dobby, the house elf. Never ones to miss out on a potential money spinning idea, the local gift shops here are already selling cards with a photo of the shell house on them and 'AS SEEN IN THE HARRY POTTER FILM' emblazoned all over them just in case an unwary buyer would confuse it with some other house made of shells. With or without an elf in residence.

Anyway now we're back in the hotel and Daphne and Stephen are getting on with the business of relaxing in their own ways......Daphne with her Blackberry and Stephen with.......well the photo says it all. We think we may see even less of Stephen in the coming months as he will be upstairs building his own moon rocket and we will only know he's ready for a test firing when there is suddenly no cheese or crackers left in the kitchen.

I've already advised Daphne to hide the matches !!


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Good job you left the room shortly after taking that shot as steamy passion was clearly on the agenda...As Dylan Thomas might have said "Under the quiet rafters of that ancient house it was all thumbs and blackberries when the quivering moon rocket touched down upon a moonless beach beside a wombing ocean..."

jay said...

'Hide the matches'! ROFL!!

Ah, yes, the chalkboard menu. Reminds me of childhood holidays (good) and living only a mile or two away from Clacton (bad).

Love the bit about walking on the beach till it was too dark to see and navigating by lighthouse. LOL!

aser said...

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Recover My Image said...

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Daphne said...

I have to admit it's a hilarious, all too typical and therefore brilliant photograph of us. Silverback is correct: Stephen does have a tendency to build things. If you see a very large pointy structure being constructed in the Leeds area it'll most probably a Saturn V rocket. If it starts making a noise I should stand back a bit.

Silverback said...

Would Lancashire be far enough, Daphne ?

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