Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Brit Is Coming....Again !

Carried away with getting my B-2 tourist visa renewed last Thursday, I've totally ignored the advice on the US Embassy site and have booked my flights to America before having my passport (with visa) in my sticky fingers. If it doesn't arrive this coming week, I'll feel free to have a mild panic attack.

The airline companies may be in a bit of a mess at the moment but their woe became my joy when I found that prices were substantially lower than last year...or any year this century as far as my flights to America are concerned.

First things first though and given my medical history and the fact that according to those in the insurance community I have an ongoing medical condition, that needed to be sorted out before booking the flights. Getting insurance for 177 days in America with enough medical cover to ensure that needing to see a doctor doesn't bankrupt me, doesn't come cheap. Now I've the sort of cover that would pay for a new wing at my local hospital.

$10m in fact. Sounds like a lot but I've paid for a doctors visit in America and believe me, I might need to top that up with some cash of my own.

The good news was that the cost of insurance plus the cost of the flights came to a lot less than the cost of the flights alone for last year. And for the first time in 50 flights across the pond, I'll be going non stop. Manchester to Orlando in fact. That'll be a treat as the less takeoffs and landings I have to survive, the better I like it.

Hang on, that doesn't sound right. I think I want to survive them all ! Well you know what I mean.

Just one thing though. I'll be over there for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter so not much chance of losing weight !


Debby said...

Tofurkey, turkey ham, and sugar free chocolate eggs. There ya go!

Lisa said...

I'm sure everything will work out. I'll be interested to hear how long it takes them to get the visa to you.

rhymeswithplague said...

You'll also be here for Halloween, Groundhog Day, and Valentine's Day. I shall lock my doors and refrain from answering my telephone, but I will graciously accept gifts of chocolate delivered by courier.

Silverback said...

I seem to the there for Groundhog Day over and over. Bizarre that.

Brit Gal Sarah said...

ah you'll visa will be with you in a couple of days mark my words. Great news on the deals you got and I am in total agreement on the air travel!!

jay said...

"e it.

Hang on, that doesn't sound right. I think I want to survive them all !"

Hahahaha! I want you to survive them all, too! Just make sure you do, OK? :P

Thanks for the tip about the flights. We're about to book a trip in October. We'll get right on it.

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