Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Visa Has Landed

Ok I promise this will be the last post...hehe....about my visa. I hate blowing my own trumpet anyway.

Last post.....trumpet.....oh suit yourselves !!

Well it was delivered a few minutes ago and I'm really not sure I got my £14.60 worth. No posh car/van arrived and the guy was a typical UPS type with his electronic signature device and regulation chewing gum. And no eye contact at all. I talked to the top of his head while he entered data into his device and he kept his head down as I signed it.

I think I should ask for a £14 refund. Or maybe I should stop answering the door in the nude !

What did annoy the hell out of me was that the embassy had stuck a label on the cover of my passport that covered the whole...ah....cover. It had obviously got some sort of super Homeland Security type glue on it as it was a bugger to get off and kept tearing. Once off, I noticed that the crest and a lot of the writing on the passport cover had gone with it. Yes folks, the US Embassy has permanently 'damaged' my passport and have been well embursed by me for the privilage.

I think an email to the Queen or the PM is in order.....I feel an international incident coming on and the 'special relationship' between our two countries could be at an end.

Then again my passport expires in 2011 so it's probably not worth it and I'll just give the embassy a very large British 'tut' instead. There, just did it. Consider yourselves well and truely 'tutted.'

Of course if the NSA, CIA or FBI have people constantly searching for bloggers who type "US Embassy" and "tut" in the same sentence, I can expect someone with more than a signature device to be coming up my driveway any time now.

If you don't hear from me for a while, it may be down to me spending the winter in Guantanamo Bay rather than Buttonwood Bay.

If so, there will be some SERIOUS tutting from me !!


Lisa said...

This is a good excuse to go out and buy a fancy folder to put your passport in.

Congrats on your visa!

Milo said...

Well done on sorting the visa, am sure it's a big weight off your mind. Bet you're exciting about going back to the States (and decent weather!) too.

punctuation said...

Hmmm - what happens when your passport expires - do they transfer that visa over to the new one or do you have to send it off and get a new one stuck into it?

Silverback said...

Ian, I have to do what I've been doing for the last 9 years.....carry 2 passports with me to the US - the old outdated passport with it's visa and the new passport.

ruth said...

when the defaced passport expires you could tut every time you have to show it alongside the new one when you enter the US, that'll show 'em

Yorkshire Pudding said...

They damage your passport! The sons of bitches. I think we should expel a busload of US diplomats in revenge for this arrogant thoughtlessness.

rhymeswithplague said...

I liked that this post started with tooting and ended with tutting....

Jennyta said...

Hmmmm, don't they refuse to let you through at customs if you have a damaged passport? OK, maybe not...:)

jay said...

Serious tutting in Guantanamo Bay? ROFL!!

I'm glad you got your visa. And I'm with you - why MUST they stick their horrible supersticktight labels all over our nice passports? GGGGRRRR!!

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