Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Flying Adored ?

Speaking of riddles (see previous post), what about this one.

When did tossing the bride's bouquet at a wedding cause a plane to crash ?

I know, it's a pretty unlikely scenario and before you read the news article to find out how it happened, just think about it. I mean how could this possibly happen ? Did the flowers get caught by a sudden updraft and smack into the windscreen of a low flying 747 ? Hardly !

I couldn't figure it out either but as the article explains, the bouquet tossing wasn't quite done in classic style and when you know that, then the rest seems quite plausable. It would certainly be one wedding video I'd love to see and it also explains why bombs are released from UNDER planes !!

So the moral has to be, leave bouquet tossing to the bride and even then, check with air traffic control first.


Debby said...


jay said...

Good grief! Talk about a freak accident!

See, that's what you get for flouting tradition. It's the BRIDE who's supposed to do the bouquet tossing! Maybe she couldn't fit into the microlight in her wedding gown. LOL!

I'm so glad no-one was killed.

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