Sunday, March 22, 2009


The Ulster Word Of The Day will have a very short explanation as it's not the most pleasant of words and one I've not heard for probably 40 or more years.

I left school and my home in N. Ireland (Ulster to those who aren't in the know) at 18 to go to University in England but I don't even remember hearing this word used much towards the end of my time at home. And the word is..........

Boke : vomit.

Like vomit, boke was both the substance expelled and the verb that did the expelling.

"Hey did ye hear that wee Tommy just boked all over Sister Mary ?"  
"Nooooo and was there any tomato in his boke ?"
"Sure there's always tomato in boke so there is, ye daft eegit."
"Ohhh Sister Mary'd better get out of that habit, then. "
"That's an old joke and ye'r still an eegit."

Kids can be sooooo cruel.


Daphne said...

Yet another word that I've never heard before - - but very unpleasantly expressive. It brings back how I felt last weekend all too strongly!

rhymeswithplague said...

In my day we said "puke" but all the young'uns stateside now say "hurl."
Or "blow chunks."

My deepest apologies to one and all.

dylan said...

You learn something every day!

How's the packing going??

Katherine said...

Great to learn new words in this series of yours, Ian. Thanks!

Oh, and happy traveling back to the UK.

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