Monday, March 16, 2009


Following on from watching the shuttle launch last evening, the UWOTD has really picked itself.

Class : first rate, brilliant. 

Now I know you'll all be saying that this isn't a special Ulster word at all as something being called 'first class' is a common enough description of a great event and it's still used on planes and trains to describe the best seats.

But as far as I'm aware, it's only in Ulster that the word, on it's own, is used when wanting to get over that what has happened was great, awesome, brilliant, fantastic.

So if a bunch of Ulster folk had been standing on the West Coast of Ireland at 11:43pm local time last night and had VERY good eyesight, they'd have gone to the pub later on and the following conversation might have taken place.........

Barman : "Ahh what about ye's; what's the craic ?"

Bunch : "Just watched the launch of that there shuttle thing."

Barman : "Och really ?  An what'd ye think o it ?"

Bunch :  "It was class, so it was; class.  Now gay us 6 lemonades and a diet Iron Bru."

And then people wonder why I left !


Daphne said...

When I lived in South Wales, the Cardiff word for "Class" in this context was "Chocolate". As in, "Ee thinks ee's chocolate, look you, but ee's not, ee's rubbish."
Readers who pay close attention to your blog will soon be able to pass for natives in Northern Ireland, so we will (okay, I've never heard you say that yet, and probably never will). I'm off to eat a piece now.

jay said...

Aaaah, chocolate. Could be used as a universal currency, so it could. Class. Pure class.

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