Sunday, March 15, 2009

Shuttle Launch - Honest !

A few minutes ago, the Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off on mission STS-119.

Here in slightly dark Buttonwood Bay we are about 100 miles from The Cape and so we don't get much of a view of launches but hey, it's better than nothing.

It was also a cloudy evening and so I've only got 2 photos to post - one shows a dot with a bright trail behind it and the other shows that trail a few seconds after the shuttle went into the clouds and was lost from view.

I don't expect a call from NASA anytime soon asking for copies !!


CLS said...

Quite nice actually, thanks for giving me a ride up to the communal viewing area........

Daphne said...

Of course, the ones I took from Leeds 8 are FAR better! - - seriously, I think it's amazing that you got those photos from that distance. Can you see the faint green glow from the direction of the Atlantic? That's not the shuttle, that's me!

Silverback said...

Buttonwood Bay Command Centre if you please, Clair. (or BBCC to use NASA speak).

Yes I did see a faint green glow on the horizon, Daphne. I just thought it was Ireland getting ready for Tuesday !!

ruth said...

(nothing else to say)

Katherine said...

I think that's great! That you can see the launch. Thanks for posting Ian!

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