Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleep ? Who Needs It ?

Despite being up for the last 38 hours, I'm blogging before going to sleep.  I'm officially a sad, sad internet man !  I say it that way rather than 'before going to bed' as I'm actually IN bed.  I took up Daffy's kind offer of her spare room for my first night back as I didn't fancy going into my cold house at 10pm.  But I'm a toasty warm sad, sad internet man as she even put a hot water bottle in to warm the bed.  Bless.

I arrived back in Leeds 2 hrs ago and as part of the long trip home involved spending 11 hrs waiting at Heathrow, I'm more tired than usual as it was so boring there.  My plan to try and get an earlier flight was scuppered as my bags had been checked through to Leeds and so couldn't be picked out to be put on an earlier flight. I did watch 5 episodes of Corrie to get me up to date, an ER and 2 episodes of Gray's Anatomy so the time did pass. S-L-O-W-L-Y. 

I had a mild panic attack when I glanced at the departures screen after being there for 4 hrs and my flight to Leeds was suddenly showing as cancelled !!  I went to the desk and they were oblivious to this altered status and so of little help.  I finally found out that it was due to the plane being stuck somewhere with mechanical problems and so in the end they combined 2 flights by doing a London to Leeds to Manchester flight just 10 minutes later than my original flight.  I don't think the Manchester passengers were very pleased to have to suddenly land at Leeds for 25 mins and then fly on to Manchester but sod 'em I said.  I'd paid a heavy enough price with my 11 hrs at the airport.

I'd changed into jeans and a fleece before leaving Leeds airport and I was jolly glad I did so.....the temp display in Daffy's car was 3C. Brrrrrrrrrrrr.  And it was raining.  And there wasn't a palm tree to be seen.

Sunny Buttonwood Bay already seems a long way off but I have a feeling in my waters that we're going to have a tip top hot summer here in Blighty. Then again, I got the same feeling last Spring as well.  My waters aren't very reliable when it comes to long range weather predicting.

I'm off to sleep now.  I may wake up on Sunday.


Debby said...

What? No mint on the pillow? Pfffft!

Glad you made it safe and sound. You'd sure not need that hot water bottle you'd have the a/c on!

Daphne said...

And it's great to see you - and looking remarkably well after that loooooong journey too! Mind you, I think the suntan helps.

ruth said...

Good to know you are in the warm cocoon of Daphne's hospitality. I hope you have had a good sleep.

rhymeswithplague said...

I shall pray for you whilst you sleep. Daphne's house and water bottles have a checkered history as I recall....specifically, I shall pray that your dreams don't involve going over Niagara Falls in a leaky barrel.

Milo said...

Glad you got home safely! Funny to thing the snowbird is back! So seasonal all your comings and goings, I remember this time last year! Hope you don't find Blighty too dull compared with the sunshine of FL! For me, the weather can be very depressing here.

jay said...

Awww.... poor you. NO palm trees, NO sun, not even an alligator to be seen. And you had to wait around at Heathrow ... now that I do feel sorry for you over. I hate, loathe, and detest Heathrow airport. It's only marginally better than the hell-hole known as Gatwick, and that's saying something.

Welcome back to England! ;)

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