Sunday, March 01, 2009

Road Rage Momma

In case you're the type who skips the text and goes straight to the video, I need to warn those of you of a sensitive nature that the video contains foul language that may offend.

And if anything is likely to get me to watch a video, it's being told that it may offend me !!

But first I need to set it up.

Here in sunny Buttonwood Bay, life goes at a slow pace, just like the heart rates of most of the residents.  The vehicle speed within the park is a gentle 10mph but I believe you can walk faster if you like. Not surprisingly, few do.  

So by the time one has reached the park exit, one is relaxed and calm without a care in the world and has a deep love of one's fellow man coursing within one's veins.  Life is good, after all.

The park is right on US-27, a dual carriageway type road with gaps every so often for crossing to the other side to go to another road or into a subdivision RV park.  Here, lemme try this brave stab at a graphic......

Hopefully everything is very clear now !  Whatymean it's clear as mud ?  Look we were leaving the park and so we're 'Us' in this graphic and as we needed to get across to go North, we had to wait patiently for a break in the traffic coming from our left.

Of course if they drove on the proper side of the roads over here, we'd have just gone left and it would all have been sorted.

Anyway we waited...and for once it was rush hour and there were more than 3 cars on the road.  Then as you'll see and hear on the video clip, we were ready to zoom across the road when some OLD GERIATRIC PARK RESIDENT did his usual thing and stopped right in our path instead of a few feet further back.  If he'd waited back a bit in his proper place, we could have gone in front of him and he could have crossed into the park.

Now I have to say that I've yet to drive out of this park and in fact I've not driven much over here in the last 2 or 3 years, but I know I'd be a tad upset if this had happened to me. I don't have much patience with road idiots at the best of times and retirement and advancing years haven't lessened my vitriolic outbursts when I meet one.

Suffice it to say, my friend on this occasion who WAS driving and has kindly granted me permission to use this video clip on my blog, said just about what I'd have said under the circumstances.  Considering she wasn't aware that I was taking a video (with sound) at the time, I think she's being very generous indeed.  Scary but generous.

I now present my shortest ever video clip on my blog so far........39 seconds including start and end credits.  It's probably long enough....more than long make it's point !

Remember, there are some naughty words and word groupings in this clip so don't say you weren't warned.  There might also be a bra malfunction half way through but I think that was just a rumour put about to get more viewers.

Road Rage Momma from Silverback on Vimeo.


Daphne said...

In Britain, of course, there'd have just been a few loud Tuts. But this was much more entertaining!

Jennyta said...

Not if I had been driving, Daphne. There would have been several expletives from yours truly - very unladylike, of course, but good for getting it out of your system. ;)

ruth said...

Okay, I watched it twice and with the added benefit of your masterful drawing I am pretty sure I understand what happened and her reaction is also completely understandable. What I don't understand is why you were taking a video at the time.

Silverback said...

Funny you should ask that, Ruth, as I WAS going to explain in the post but then didn't !!

With my new Nikon compact still camera taking such decent quality video, I wanted to have a video reminder of the drive into and around Sebring and so I started from just inside the park and carried on - so this was the second clip from some longer footage I took that day.

It just happened to be the most dramatic !!

madmilker said...

Please feel free to have the Ruth contact Smith System Driver Improvement Institute, Inc... it's in TEXAS.

CLS said...

in defense - well actually I agree 100% with said driver !! But Ian forgot to mention that the 'dual carriageway' at this point is rated at 65 mph so that opportunities to exit the park and cross safely need the clearance so a moron who blocks the crossing is just as described...............

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