Sunday, March 29, 2009

Foaming At The Mouth

I was about to do an UWOTD post and I slipped into a deep pit of nostalgia. 

Now I know that nostalgia ain't what it used to be but then as someone posted a while ago, neither are a lot of things, like ice cream. And that got me a thinkin' . Yes siree bob it did.

( I'm watching a Western so you'll have to forgive me )

Over the years I've often thought about a drink we had back when I was growing up.  Well it became a drink but it started off as soluble crystals in a small tin.  Once we'd removed the metal lid with the spoon handle and pierced the paper seal, we'd add a heaped spoonful of the crystals into a glass of cold water and stir it to give us a lovely refreshing flavoured drink. Usually raspberry but sometimes lemon.  Oh but it was good.  Like a jug of ice cold lemonade in a Southern US state, this drink refreshed the parts others couldn't reach.

It's name.....Creamola Foam.

This trip down nostalgia lane came about today because I was putting away the contents of my suitcase and came upon a similar product that I brought home from America.  I'm sure we have it's like here too as there have always been products on the market that, when added to water, produce a refreshing drink.  No not whisky !  Crystal products.

But Creamola Foam will always be the King in my mind, probably because that's all we had back then. It was discontinued in 1998 but I for one will never forget it.


Daphne said...

Yes! Yes! I remember it - well the raspberry one anyway, I don't think I ever had the lemon one. I'd totally forgotten the name - - but I do remember the taste - - delicious -- sighhhh. Bring Back Creamola Foam! I suppose it was made of nothing but E-numbers but that didn't bother us in the Sixties, oh no, we were made of stern stuff in those days.

jay said...

Oh, good heavens! Cremola Foam!

Gosh, I remember that stuff, and it was heaven.

Naturally, my Mum never bought any, but it was a wonderful treat that other people's mothers occasionally gave me.

Last time I had Cremola Foam (raspberry, naturally) was at an ex-neighbour's house in Harold Wood. I can still taste it now ...

*Wistful sigh*

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