Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Do You Miss ?

My last post about returning to England got me thinking about some of the things I've missed by being away for 6 months. I get asked that a lot.

I'm also sure that many of the kind people who are regular readers of my blog are not currently in the country or US state that they used to live in and so please feel free to let us know what you miss about the place where you were born or maybe grew up in or just spent most of your life in.

For me there aren't too many things I miss - and it's 'things' that I'm talking about here and not family and friends, which are a given. Things can be lots of...things from food items to a view from some beauty spot.

Speaking of beauty spots, we watched "The Amazing Race" as usual last Sunday which is a show where teams of two travel the globe performing tasks in different countries and the last pair to reach the weekly destination (or Pit Stop) are eliminated.  It's fun to see the stress levels rise and interpersonal battles take place as these mainly physical tasks are performed. As the teams can be brother and sister, mother and son, gay couple, engaged couple, senior married couple, best friends and so on, the pair who stay friendly (or even still engaged or married) by the end of the show certainly deserve the $1m prize.

But it's the chance to see glimpses of the different countries and cultures that make the show for me. Last Sunday they were in Switzerland, Austria and Germany and I found myself staring open mouthed at the classic scenery. That's when I decided that one of the 'things' I miss about being in Florida and not in England - are hills and mountains and everything that goes with them.

As I've said before, Florida is the flattest state in the US and when you think that this includes states like both Dakotas, then that's some record to hold.  When we played golf a while back and they had piled up a load of sand for a new trap/bunker, the top of the pile was briefly the tallest point in Florida !!   As I've not left the state in almost 6 months, I've not seen anything in the way of a hill, never mind a mountain for all that time.

So I miss hills.

I miss farms too and small fields.  I long to see again a field of cattle where the farmer can round up his herd by walking them to the gate and not by chasing them with a helicopter. I want to see again a field where you can actually SEE the far side of it and not have to use Google Earth or images from a low orbit satellite.  I want to see spring lambs jumping around their mothers and exploring their new surroundings without needing radio tags in case they stray 5 miles to the far side of the field.

So I miss the countryside, specifically the English countryside.

There are a few other things I miss, including food items, but there aren't too many of those as my food preferences are pretty basic.  

But don't get me wrong as there are plenty of things I love about life here and I'm more than happy to be here half the year and so get the best of both 'worlds'.  I'm not sure anymore, if I was given the opportunity, that I'd want to live here all year round.  Certainly not if it meant living in Florida, despite the wonderful weather.

I'd really miss those hills then and after all, a chap needs a good yodel every so often.

So if it applies to you, what do you miss, living where you do now ?


Daphne said...

Of course, as you know, it doesn't really apply to me as I now live in the house where I spent my childhood from the age of three. But your post most certainly made me think - - what do I miss? And, living in this house, I miss the past. I come into the dining-room (old fashioned phrase I know) and expect to hear Sing Something Simple playing on the radio and to see my father sitting having his tea. With regard to your post: you know how much I loved Florida - - but yes, I'd miss the hills too.

rhymeswithplague said...

You are absolutely right about Florida. When we lived in Boca Raton in Palm Beach County our driveway had the slightest of inclines and people said our house was "on a hill" -- I think we were 6 or 8 feet above sea level.

I'll have to think about what I miss. Not much besides certain people.

Jay said...

Agh, I have no sympathy with you. You have something I don't have and can't seem to get - SUN!


Lisa said...

Have you ventured out of Florida? There are loads of rolling hills and mountains and cows all across the US. I think the cows prefer to veer away from the gators.

Silverback said...

Yes I was only talking about Florida, Lisa, as that's where I've decided to winter from now on.

But as I've been to every state except Alaska, I know only to well about the awesome scenery (including hills and mountains) that can be enjoyed in the US.

I do remember seeing a nice cow in Wisconsin though !!

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