Monday, February 23, 2009

How To Make Enemies !

A few minutes ago I got back from my daily walk, camera in hand, and as I sank into the outdoor chair for a rest, I set up the self timer and took this photo.  The self timer on the camera that is, not the chair.

And if that doesn't make me a few enemies, I'm off to the pool. Sorry Daffy.


Milo said...

Jealous of your colouring! I'm white as a sheet :(

Katie said...

The sky was blue in Leeds this weekend, and it was sunny... I almost left the house without a coat, and on Saturday evening (rather balmy by Feb standards) I enjoyed a beer on the top deck of a boat... the dry dock. So there Mr Smug Pants.

Daphne said...

You are subjecting your readers, including me, to Cruel and Unnatural Torment and must be punished. When you get back to Leeds your sentence is to wear those shorts everywhere you go: along with a T-shirt with a slogan that says "Yes, I Have Been Somewhere Nice, Since You Ask." Grrr.

Silverback said...

Oh Katie, how could you possibly think I was being smug !!?? And what are pants ?

Look I've only got another 4 weeks of this left so let me wallow in it a bit. Eh ?

I like the idea of that slogan Daphne. Or "I've Spent The Winter In Florida And All I've Brought Back Is This Suntan." We should go into the t-shirt slogan business.

Debby said...


rhymeswithplague said...

Don't rub it in.

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