Friday, February 06, 2009

Paradise Revisited

Being the (fool)hardy Brit that I am, I set off for my walk around the park today despite the fact that the max temp never passed 50F.  After a few minutes I realised that I should've stayed in my chair and exercised my mind instead. It was cold, people, cold. Even the oranges were shriveled.

But I wanted to walk somewhere, so I decided to abandon my usual route and just go where the muse took me. The muse in this case being Queen and their Greatest Hits. Good walky songs.

So I went down by the lake and along the path that borders the bocce courts and leads through 'the grove', the lovely shaded area by the lake where one can sit and watch the squirrels scratch their nuts before eating them.  Strange creatures.

This time I'd remembered to take the new Nikon and so took a few photos.  Now I know I've pretty much uploaded every view of this park you'd ever want to see but bear with me here as I tried to find a few new positions (stop that !) and after all, you'll never have seen these views before using this camera.  Desperate I know.

Photo one shows the north east section of Lake Josephine just beyond the bocce courts.

And then moving the camera to the right, the next photo shows the path going to the bocce courts in the distance and the start of the grove area to the right.  

Then I walked north and went onto the other path that I've shown on video and photos before. Still, you'll never have seen it on 5th February 2009 before. Eh ? Eh ?

And finally here is a shot near the north entrance to the park where all the streets are named after birds : Whippoorwill, Skylark, Spoonbill and the one you see in this photo.

So even though it was unnaturally cold for Florida, I still had a lovely walk and when you don't want to exercise, this park provides all the motivation you need to get out and just do it.


Daphne said...

I'm NOT tired of seeing those views, because they're lovely. Also I've BEEN THERE, (in case there's someone somewhere who hasn't heard me boast this before) and it's great to be reminded of how restful and beautiful it is. I'll just go and shovel some snow now, shall I?

Jennyta said...

Lovely photos as Daphne says. I do feel so sorry for you having to battle against temperatures of 50F. I hope life gets easier for you soon. (Grinds teeth as she looks out of the window at today's frozen snow.)

rhymeswithplague said...

Random thoughts:

My oranges always shrivel when the temperature doesn't pass 50F.

Not tonight, Lake Josephine!

It's always good when you just do it.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Great piccies BUT....cold my arse!LOL Get thee to Okieland in an ice-storm and then tell me about cold!

Jan said...

Love the pictures - looks a great place.

Anonymous said...


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