Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Living With The White Stuff.

Ah-ha !  Got ya.  You thought this was yet another snow post from a complaining Brit.

Well before the whole of the snow covered UK sinks below the waves so that it'll only be visible with Google Earth 5, I thought I'd post a photo of how they deal with the white stuff over here in Florida.

The downside is that it's hard to form it into a ball for a decent fight and skiing on it is rather difficult too.  But you CAN make excellent sculptures with it and the best part is that once you've had enough of it, you can run into the water and it all comes off !

Go on, try that in The Cam, or Windermere or in Waterloo Lake, Leeds, a bit closer to home.


Daphne said...

So good of you to venture out into the blistering sun to take that Educational Photograph for us. I, along with other readers, I'm sure, will remember your selflessness with admiration and respect.

Katie said...

Ill try that when I'm next up at Roundhay park, I will just have to remember to kick a hole through the ice first before I go to dive in.

Jennyta said...

Huh! Not to worry, Daphne. You can get your revenge for all this crowing when he's back on this side of the 'pond'!

Debby said...

God I hope I'm in the pool or something when they all come to kick your ass. Hmmmmm no, wait! I'll stay and take piccies!

Jay said...

Remember that year it snowed on Valentine's Day and it stayed till April? One can only hope, Silverback, that you will experience that again one day. ;)

Just kidding. But I'll swap my white stuff for your white stuff any day. At least your white stuff doesn't turn into slush.

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