Sunday, February 22, 2009

Once More Unto The Breech...........

A few days ago I went out around the park on the golf cart, armed with nothing more than my compact camera. Brave or what ?

I mean there be snakes here (and I don't mean old Mrs. Wineberg, the park gossip, who everyone knows cheats at bingo) and gators and nasty snappy birds.

But as usual, this intrepid reporter made light of such dangers to bring you more video footage of park life here in sunny Buttonwood Bay.

And without further ado, here it is. Another candidate for Best Short Foreign Documentary at this year's Oscars, I'm thinking to myself.

"Self" I'm thinking, "it's in the bag.  A shoe-in.  A dead cert.  Find room on the shelf for the trophy"

So sit ye down, turn up the volume (yes it comes with sound expense spared) and pop the corn.  Just remember to give it about a minute after hitting the play arrow for the poor old projectionist to get back from his fag break and start it up. We can't let him go, he's like family now.



~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Thank you for the comment on my blog! How did you know the pic was taken with a Sony? I like my little cybershot, I'd like to upgrade to a Nikon one day myself, but I just can't justify that kind of cost when I've got a little one and my cybershot does me just fine :)

Anyway, thanks again for the comment! I'm glad you liked the shot.

Jennyta said...

Hey, you're getting good at this, aren't you! What I do notice is how clean and tidy everywhere is. The sound track started off very well, went downhill (although it's good to know you are a Morecambe and Wise fan) and then recovered. (I mean - Ken Dodd??)I love the first track but just can't put a name to it. (And if you make an ageist comment at this point - you're dead!!)

Jay said...

'Cast and crew - none'! LOL!

Were you on a golf cart? Looks like you nearly took out a mailbox there!

Nice vid - I wondered how they got those boats onto the trailers.

Silverback said...

UGWABH - every digital photo is created with data that shows everything from the model number to whether the flash went off. As for updating to a Nikon, mine was only $80 so I'd hardly class it as an upgrade from yours.

Jenny I spent hours trying to find appropriate music to go with the video and when walking the same route yesterday with my mp3, those 'happy' songs were playing and I liked the idea of including them - as I'm very happy to be here after all.

The first one was the theme tune from the 1968 movie "Romeo & Juliet" and became popular due to it being picked as 'Our Tune' on the Simon Bates BBC radio show.

Yes I was filming from the golf cart at times, Jay. With such a small camera with no zoom feature (on the video setting) it was actually quite difficult as I had to lean forward to ensure none of the cart frame was in shot and so my driving was a bit skewed to say the least - like with a lot of others here !!

rhymeswithplague said...

Love, love, love it! Florida has always had a special effect on me and a special place in my heart. I wondered why you picked the theme from Romeo and Juliet and then realized the song's alternate title is "A Time For Us."

One can begin taking the weather for granted when one is there too long. After a few months of living in Boca Raton in Palm Beach County, we used to act bored and say, "Ho hum, another beautiful day." But six months in the northern latitudes ought to provide just the right balance to appreciate Florida fully.

Thanks for giving us the tour and displaying the obvious affection you have for the place.

Debby said...

That's why I live here!

Daphne said...

Aaaah lovely! Strangely and interestingly, every one of those pieces of music has special significance for me of different kinds so I enjoyed hearing them all. Ken Dodd had a lovely voice actually - it just wasn't always taken seriously because of his comedy persona!

Milo said...

Enjoyed it SB.

What software are you using to make the vids? Windows MovieMaker?

Silverback said...

Thanks for the comments.

Yes Milo, I use WMM. I resisted it at first and tried a few expensive options but came back to it. Simple, available and does the job for blogs. Still want an editor that doesn't reduce the quality but that may not be possible with the limitations of even a high featured laptop.
Wish you'd got video from your Welsh weekend.

Milo said...

Oh I did take 2 short vids! I forgot to post them. They are here:

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