Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Rambling Reflections

As the weather (I know, I know....yawnnnn) was so much improved today, I went out for a walk with the Canon in the warm sunshine.

The camera I mean.

As usual, feel free to click on the photos to enlarge them.

It was pretty busy on the lake as many residents dusted the cobwebs off their boats and headed out to do some fishing or just enjoy some time on the water.

Of course you can't just buy a boat and go off into the sunset on it. Oh no. You have to learn the ways of boating and the rules of seamanship (??) and before you can be let loose on the water, you have to be content with first playing on dry land. Bless.

For some reason today, I was taken with shapes and colours and although I don't usually take these sorts of photos, I quite liked these ones today.

Finally the usual critters were out and about and probably enjoying the warmer weather too. There haven't been as many squirrels around this season as we were all given an ear bashing for feeding them in previous seasons. They've probably moved on to the park 'next door'.

The occasional squirrel still tries to get a handout by hanging off a tree and looking extremely cute. I kept my quarter pounder with cheese firmly to myself and McSquirrel had to be content with just being photographed.

Actually far from having my eye on him, he had me on his eye. Have a look at it again.

Half way along the canal that leads to the lake, I came upon Albert Anhinga drying his wings in the warm sunshine. He wasn't in a modelling mood today and soon flew off, skimming the water before effortlessly heading up to a nearby tree to continue drying his wings in peace.

I decided not to follow !

I was out and about for about 3 hours and it was lovely. Despite being full of holes, Florida is almost back to normal again and all is well with the world.

Well my world anyway. And Albert's.


Daphne said...

Ahhhh all's well with the world - - sun in Florida, sighhh. Terrific photos and I hope you'll take more of those shapes-and-colours ones - I loved them!

Punctuation said...

Wow! Those pictures are fantastic - really. The one of the squirrel is as good as any you could see in various photography competitions or wildlife magazines; really first class.

What model is the camera - Canon do such good pieces of kit. Sigh.

Silverback said...

Thanks for the kind words, guys.

Ian, it's a Canon Digital Rebel xti body (400D in the UK) but the closeups are all down to the Canon 70-200m L USM zoom lens. I wish it had IS but I couldn't afford that back then.

As with most people, I'd love better equipment but I try the best with what I've got.

Stop sniggering, Daphne !

Juanita said...

Absolutely awesome pictures!!! I love to look for symmetry or a pattern...and it looks like you have an eye for that tooooooooo

rhymeswithplague said...

So glad to see you getting out again. I prefer the Florida outdoors to snowbound Michigan any day. Great photos!

Milo said...

Liked the pictures!

jay said...

Ooooh! I love that second 'untypical' leaf picture, the one with the black background! Lovely!

The squirrel with you in his eye is cute. Surprising really that his eyes aren't watering, isn't it, with a great big human stuck in there. LOL!

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