Friday, January 01, 2010

Credit Where It Is Due - I Thank You.

Only hours into a new year and I've got another award already !

Like most involved in the entertainment business (hey, this blog IS entertaining sometimes !), I tend to dismiss the awards and adulation that come my way. I do like getting this worship (thank you Bob) but being quintessentially British, I just don't make a big deal about it when it happens. Frequently happens.

Ok so this is my first award ! Happy now ?

The main reason for creating a post just to mention it, is that the award has come from Yorkshire Pudding, a Yorkshireman known to be tighter than a Scotsman wearing oven gloves during a whip round; someone who last got a round in when a £5 note could buy you a small detatched Kensington.

In fact for anyone from the county capital of Leeds to get ANYTHING from the small market town of Sheffield has to be something worth immortalising in print and I'll be on the phone to The Guinness people after publishing this post.

My grudging congratulations must go to Daphne who won the overall award for Blogger of the Year 2009. Her blog is quite good I suppose, if you like that sort of thing. Seems some do. Must be a sympathy thing. Whatever.

My congratulations also go to all those other bloggers who won an award, a list that has a strange similarity to the blogroll on YP's site ! Probably just a coincidence. Class tells after all.

So it just remains for me, in time honoured style, to mention a few people who have made all this possible, to have taken me to the very top of my profession, to the peak of my creative and artistic abilities and to have made me the self depreciating and selfless person that I am today.


God bless you all, God bless America (Canada and some parts of Mexico) and goodnight.


rhymeswithplague said...

Fer shizzle!

Debby said...

gag me

Yorkshire Pudding said...
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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Your award is much deserved. The judging panel enjoyed reading your blog throughout 2009. The fact that there was a correspondence between my blogroll and the awards list is, as you rightly suggest, purely co-incidental. Happy 2010!

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