Thursday, January 14, 2010

Camera, Lights (Too Much) Action !

Slow day here in sunny (and warming up nicely, thank you for asking) Buttonwood Bay but then it's only 11am.

I was going through some of the hundreds of photos I took when up in Michigan before Christmas and came upon this one which I had been about to delete - but I now think has a sort of 'feel' to it so I'll keep it.

I've no idea how the tree lights came to be streaked like that around Mason as I had the camera resting on the arm of the chair while I was experimenting with the self timer and using a slow shutter speed. Using the flash with him so close would've given a white out effect and probably blinded the little guy as well. All I can think of is that the chair WAS a rocker and I may have moved it ever so slightly when the self timer got to zero and took the photo.

It's got more wrong with it than is right with it but the look on Mason's face is what makes it a keeper for me. I know I could sort it out on Photoshop and even crop it so it's just a photo of his head but I love that he's in his pjs as that just adds to the whole look of childhood innocence and wonder that he has on his face.

And in this stupid world where I'm made to feel like a criminal when I take photos of kids, a photo like this is all the evidence I need to show why I want to do it.


Jennyta said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Daphne said...

I'm glad you took it and sucks boo to anyone who thinks you shouldn't. Without photos like this the world would be a far poorer place.

Jay said...

He's gorgeous, isn't he?

Most likely someone knocked the tree and made it jiggle a little bit, because Mason himself isn't spread all over the picture like .. um ... tree lights. I mean, he's obviously moving a little bit, judging by the halo, but not as much as the lights.

Debby said...

Brought tears to my eyes this I'd say the pic was a success. I miss him so much....

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