Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home Sweet Home (Alone)

Deb & Den have gone on a week long cruise and right now should be heading past the north west coast of Cuba on the way to their first port of call, Cozumel, a Caribbean island off the eastern coast of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula. Our best friends here and many others from the park have gone too and so it'll be strange to be on my own in the house for 7 whole days.

Of course with about 1,000 people or more in the park, I'm hardly alone here. In any case I'm used to being on my own as I do it back home in England but this is a bit different. For one thing I don't have a car outside that I can use to pop into town or go further afield if the mood takes me. Yes there is a huge truck at my disposal but as well as not being insured to drive it, due to its size, I'd rather not drive it unless in an emergency.

I'm also pet sitting as we have a dog here and our friends have a cat. I've even got written 'power of attorney' for both of them if something bad should happen but hopefully I can hand them over next Saturday in a healthy state and not as two little pots of ash !

On the upside, this is a chance to watch lots of the movies and shows I've downloaded over the last few months and not watched yet. It's also great to be doing dishes only for myself and for the next week I can leave the toilet seat up.......well most of the time ! There will be hot water for every shower and I can have a Family Guy marathon any time I want. I can try and watch 3 live sporting events at the same time without driving my house friends crazy and I can make certain personal noises without having to blame the dog.

But despite all these benefits, I already miss my friends. I hope they will have a lovely cruise and come back with stories and photos to share with me but in the meantime, I don't like being here without them.

Right now I have to go and feed the cat. Although I'm a bit of a cat whisperer, this one, called Paint, has resisted all my efforts to be his friend. In fact he rarely makes an appearance at all and if it wasn't for the decrease in the food and the increase in the poop, I'd not be 100% sure that Paint exists. I have seen photos but for peace of mind, I'd really like a visual.

Maybe today will be the day.


jay said...

Hahaha! Paint is like Macavity, clearly. He's a Mystery Cat.

Sorry you're all alone. I'm sure you'll survive though, and so will the animals. I have every confidence!

Mary P. said...

I'm sure it feels odd, but good! They will return. Meantime, golf is always available at our house and if you need transporting some place on this planet, just give us a holler!

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