Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Hole New World

Casting off the fleecy sweat pants and thick sweater, I ventured out for a walk this afternoon in more traditional Florida wear, namely t-shirt and shorts. Oh and trainers of course. And socks. And undies, as I'm no commando. But that was it and it was grand. Despite the undies, I felt free, liberated and most of all, warm. Hurrah.

I also had SuBo on my mp3 and binoculars in my hand. I again hoped that some snakes or gators would decide to bask in the sunshine and if they did, I'd be ready for an up close view of them.

Sadly we weren't on the same hymn sheet and I finished my walk without a sighting.

Speaking of sightings, on the way back to the house, I saw a roped off area where there was a sizeable hole in the road surface. Now 'sink holes' are very much in the news here and I donno if it's due to the days of freezing weather we've had in Florida or if the whole state was built on an Indian burial ground, admittedly a very large Indian burial ground, but holes are popping up, or down, all over the state.

And the authorities are looking into them.

I know, the old ones are the best !

The main mid state East/West route, I-4, is down to one lane somewhere near Tampa as a sink hole appeared and they're trying to fill it with the chads from the 'missing' ballot cards from the 2000 Presidential election.

The one in the park here is much smaller but when a lot of the residents have eyesight issues, use walkers and walking sticks and drive golf carts at dusk with no lights on them, well even a small hole could pose a problem. So far we've not lost a resident but there are reports that Mrs. Zanduski's poodle, Flossie, never came back from pooping this morning and we fear the worst !

On TV we're seeing aerial images of large holes in the middle of farmers fields and they remind me of crop circles. Everyone is denying culpability but although alien shenanigans haven't been ruled out, I really don't see why we should blame the Mexicans.

Anyway the main thing is that the freezing weather has gone and good riddance. Florida may be full of holes and rapidly sinking into the ocean but at least we'll be warm as the waves wash over us.

And that's important at my age.

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Daphne said...

Up here on the edge of the Arctic Circle (apparently) there's a lot of talk of holes too. In the roads, caused by all this freezing. I expect that, when it thaws, they'll just rope them off for months and months, if that, so you can have the joy of seeing them upon your return to Blighty.

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