Sunday, November 08, 2009

Walkies !!!

I've just returned all hot and sweaty from a short walk along the canal path in sunny Buttonwood Bay. I didn't meet a single soul as it was early afternoon and 83F in the shade and yes, I know. I'm a mad dog.

I'd taken my binoculars with me, these being a very thoughtful pressie from the lovely Daphne and Stephen who were here for 2 weeks last November and knew how much I admired their binoculars. My pressie was a new pair and not their old cast offs just in case you were thinking - cheap skates.

Anyho as I was walking towards the lake pier and getting the binoculars ready for a bit of gator spotting, I saw a large bird approaching and then hovering over the water just a few feet from me. Through the bins I could see individual feathers bending in the strong winds that we've had here for the last few days that may be coming from Hurricane Ida which is south west of the state just now putting out gusts of 121mph.

The bird hovered majestically for about 10 seconds filling my field of view. Then it shot down, head first, and I tracked its dive until it almost hit the water. Then it raised its head, lowered its feet and.....splash. A nanosecond later and it rose from the foaming waters with quite a large fish in its talons. It was a stunning sight and the first I'd ever experienced. To see it all through the binoculars, in glorious close-uppedness, was awesome. So thank you, D&S.

A little later, at the point where the path left the canal and turned up back into the park streets, I came up these two, grazing on someone's lawn.

Well to be 100% accurate, one was drinking from a large mug that may have been left out on the lawn for that purpose and the other was keeping watch. They didn't mind me watching although I didn't try and get any closer.

Finally I checked out the larger swimming pool but there was nothing going on there probably because it was football time and anyway, it was too hot for the park residents to be out and about.

Just me and as I've already admitted, I'm a bit mad.

Sorry, Daphne.......I know I'm very very naughty for posting this photo !!


Daphne said...

Well you didn't tempt me with the Mexican food (sour cream? ewwwwwwww noooo!) but okay, you got me with the swimming pool. Sighhhh.

ruth said...

Not just the swimming pool temptation but windy palm trees too made me smile.

Jennyta said...

AND the constant reminders of the temperature out there! It's just getting a bit too much! ;)

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Silverback - I hope Hurricane Ida has spared your house and your life. You'd be better off in Leeds tha knows where there are no hurricanes. If there were what might we call them - Hurricane Mel B...Hurricane Bet Lynch...Hurricane Norman Hunter... Hurricane Daphne which would no doubt bring down a few trees leaving a trail of devasation in her wake... especially in public car parks.

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