Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Post

I ate yesterday. Quite a bit, actually. I gave the menu in the previous post and although I really only ate portions of turkey, ham, mashed tatters and a few veggies, in true buffet style, I took more...and more.

I'm more American than I thought !

Add to that, generous portions of both apple pie and pumpkin pie with ice cream and the bit I put about needing a nap almost came to pass.

So today I tried to walk off the calories I'd gained from that one meal but I was thwarted by a combination of the glorious weather, the awesome scenery and some unusual park wildlife. So my walk became less of a calorie busting, fast paced exercise walk and more of a slow, multi stopping, photo snapping walk.

The view of the lake, just a few minutes stroll from our home here, always encourages me to get out my camera and today was no exception. I've taken so many that it's hard to find a different vantage point. With Robbie Williams crooning in my ear (the excellent "Reality Killed The Video Star" album), I think these were new views for me.........

Then I went out along the 'pier' and took this photo of myself. I don't take many photos of myself as I'm never comfortable in front of the lens.

Back on dry land, a pontoon boat was heading out into the lake so having taken similar photos before, I switched to black & white to try and make it a bit different.

Just before leaving this area to continue my walk, I noticed that a couple of visitors had landed on the pier's wooden railings. Now as this is a retirement community and most of the residents are 120 years old at least, the last birds that you ever want to see hanging around are these characters........

All these photos were taken with my small point and shoot camera and the one of the vultures was exactly why I got it in the first place.

Blog fodder doesn't often fall into my lap so it's great to have the Nikon handy when it does.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!!! I have so many pictures of the sunsets over Lake Josephine. Your angles were very creative and unique. BB is indeed a beautiful place.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Is that Dinner Lake? Well the vultures seem to think it is. Maybe they got the wrong lake.

Daphne said...

Lovely photos and that's my favourite palm tree! Good to see a photo of you Across the Pond too.

Jennyta said...

Love the vultures! Very in keeping with your dry sense of humour. :)
(And my word verification is ettedibl! Sort of a cross between ate and edible - no? Oh well, please yourself. :))

Jay said...

Ooooh! Nice shots! Love the first one of the lake, it looks so peaceful and pretty.

The vultures! LOL! Good catch, that one, and that's exactly why I have a point and shoot, too. I've missed at least three nice shots of grass snakes, but naturally, since I've had my P&S with me, nary a sight of one!

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