Saturday, November 07, 2009

Equality In Sport ?

Now I'm all for sex equality in sports even though there are some sports that women just can't or shouldn't be playing.

There, that should open a can of worms for sure and I can already feel the love coming my way !

But I have been known to watch the occasional women's soccer game, usually at international level, and not just because seeing 22 young ladies in short shorts is quite pleasing on the eye. Heaven forfend !

Sadly below this level of ability, or maybe below the level of the best couple of league teams in Europe and America, the standard isn't particularly high and it's like watching Sunday morning football on any park around England - except that ladies, and 5 year old boys, have a strange habit of kicking the ball in whichever direction their foot is pointing at the time and then doing a little jump of excitement when the ball actually goes more than a few feet in that direction.

But I've rarely seen much in the way of vicious play during these games and was hopeful that the ladies were more into name calling behind an opponent's back or shaming their clothes/makeup/hair/handbag contents once the game was over. I'd seen good tackling and a fair amount of pushing and shoving but little that would be worthy of a clip on YouTube.

Until now.

I think any of the fouls in this one short clip was 'worthy' of the men's game but when you combine them all, ! This lot was more like an assault by the No.15, Liz Lambert and I just hope I'm never passing the pub when she's being ejected.

Of course she'd have a lot more trouble finding any of my hair to pull.

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Daphne said...

Look, kicking it in the way my foot is pointing is just the ONLY way I'll ever get the thing to move at all, okay? Mind you, I do know one woman who could kick it in whatever direction she felt like it - - yes, my mother, who used to teach soccer and could outclass most of the men! As for the charming Liz Lambert - - is it sexist to say it seems worse to see a woman behaving like that than a bloke? It probably is. But I'm saying it because I think women have less excuse - - less testosterone, and more sense (usually!!)

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