Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Victor Meldrew Again.......

I may be 5 hours and 4,000 miles from home but thanks to the internet, I'm still reading about things that fire up the Victor Meldrew in me.

First up this morning came the news that Rolf Harris has teamed up with Status Quo to release a single which will join the annual fight for the Christmas No.1 position. Oh wonderful.

Now I quite like old Rolf (79 I think) as he has more talent in one finger than all the so called celebs who grace our jungles and dance floors these days. I even like a bit of Status Quo now and then even though all their songs sound the same for one obvious reason. That reason being they ARE all the same.

But we need another novelty song trying to get to No.1 at Christmas like we need another series of Crossroads. Enough already and just let Cliff have it !

Then I read on the BBC News about a man who threw a sandbag from a bridge in Edinburgh and was ordered by a sheriff to behave for a year. Wow !! I guess we've now found something lower down the chain of criminal punishments than a slap on the wrist. No doubt he'd have had that added to his 'sentence' if the sandbag had flattened someone. That sheriff was as useless as his fictional Nottingham namesake.

Also on the same web site came news of a woman who drove for 16 miles the wrong way along a motorway and how she escaped a driving ban. WTF ?

When we were in Pisa last summer, we did drive the wrong way down a one way street but it was only a few feet in order to turn around and we were only doing about 2kph. And it WAS in Italy so nobody cared !

But 16 miles.....on a motorway ! Hello ? Didn't she get some clue with everyone else heading straight for her !!??? Maybe she was looking for a shoe store. Maybe she was on the phone. Maybe she was applying some slap. Whatever her reason/excuse, she has no place on our roads - no matter in which direction she decides to drive on them.

Maybe the magistrate was from the same family as the sheriff. Useless pair.

I must stop reading about national news - it only upsets me. Time to move onto international news about the war...sorry...conflict in Afghanistan. Even news about the Somali pirates.

I'll just wait for the day I read about the pirates kidnapping a sheriff and a magistrate. Try telling THEM to behave for a year and see where it gets you, Mr. Sheriff.


Jennyta said...

I gave up buying and reading newspapers years ago - it was bad for my blood pressure!

Silverback said...

Me too....these stories were on the BBC web site.

Daphne said...

I expect that the woman on the motorway was just holding the map the wrong way up. Easily done when you're trying to put eyeliner on at the same time.
Seriously, you're right though - why on earth didn't she notice? As for Sandbag Man - - well, the possible consequences of that are just horrific and it was just his luck that nobody was killed. So I'd be locking him up anyway. Or getting him to stand underneath whilst another sandbag was dropped.

jay said...

Stop reading the news, my old mate. It's very bad for you!

Anyone who drives that distance down a motorway the wrong way should automatically get a temporary suspension of their license while they go through retraining and a retest to see if they're actually fit to drive. I take the point about the mobile phone and the slap, but I've heard about several of these incidents and they're nearly all older people and just past making the correct decisions at the necessary speed.

Not talking about people who make an honest mistake and correct it - like you and your Italian one way street, or another blogger I know who began to drive the wrong way down a motorway slip road but realised it PDQ and didn't actually drive onto the motorway itself - I'm talking about major stupidity like the woman in your story.

And yes, I do know you're no spring chicken yourself. Not ga-ga yet though, are you? LOL!

Milo said...

Quite frankly I don't belieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve it.

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