Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fresh Air Ramblings

I'm just back from my exercise walk around the park which takes me about 55 minutes. Back home I'd have had to use the treadmill and today, I'd have been stepping off after about 5 minutes.

I've had a chest infection (self diagnosis of course) for a few days and although it's clearing up slowly, after about 5 minutes of brisk walking, I felt like there was someone on my chest. Now if you've ever tried walking with someone on your chest, I'd have to think it would be no fun for either of you. Highly amusing if slightly bizarre looking it may be for spectators, but definitely not fun for those involved.

But here I was out in the fresh air so when I hit that 'wall', I just looked at the palm trees, felt the sun on my face and carried on like the brave athlete I am.

There is just so much fresh air here. You step outside and within seconds, you're surrounded by it. And in a good way too. I mean it's not threatening or anything; it's just.....nice.

Ok I'm getting silly now. Too much fresh air maybe.

Once again I hardly saw a soul on my walk. The reasons......the heat and college football. When both combine, most people are indoors here in the park. Now I've been told I go on about the temps here way too much so I'm trying not to mention the I'll just say it's pleasantly HOT today and leave it at that.

I didn't see any gators. I didn't see any snakes. I didn't even see any park birds. Just a few turtles along the edge of the lake and some rustling from the undergrowth by the Nature Trail that might have come from a geographically challenged grizzly bear but was more likely from a tiny lizard.

I came back to watch the Ireland v France 2010 World Cup Qualifying Game First Leg (phew) but the best quality web site showing it is in French so I'm struggling trying to keep up with the commentary with my long forgotten O'Level French.

I'm desperate for a goal to be scored so I'll hear the French for "the ball is in the old onion bag".

Thankfully the Irish are in green and the French are in blue but with the grass also being green, the French seem to be the only ones on the pitch ! Despite this, it's 0-0 at the moment so the Irish must be out there somewhere. Great tactic though. Maybe they should be sponsored by Photoshop.

I know, I'm still blaming the fresh air.

I'll leave you with this definition of a party loving transvestite : a guy who likes to eat, drink and be Mary.

I thank you.


Daphne said...

No, you can't just write "pleasantly HOT" with no explanation. We brave souls here in Britain have no frame of reference for understanding this term and need more details. Similarly, what does "felt the sun on my face" mean?
I notice you snuck in a mention of palm trees though - - ah yes, I remember those - - !

Debby said...

There was nobody else out on the roads as you went mid afternoon when it was near 90. The rest of them were out walking at 6am!

Daphne, it was a picture perfect day here today. Lovely blue skies, NO humidity, temps near 90 I think. Just perfectly gorgeous.

Jennyta said...

'Malade comme un perroquet' is what you need to listen out for in the commentary. ;)

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