Sunday, November 08, 2009

Down Mexico Way

You don't have to go far in the deep south of America to find 'a world of Mexico' where everything is written in both languages and you often feel that you're on the set of The Three Amigos.

I don't mean that you have to keeping ducking to avoid being accosted by lethal oversized sombreros but it's just that the flavour of Mexico is everywhere.

Here in Florida, zillions of Mexicans labour in the orange groves and are all here legally of course ! As a result many of the smaller towns have a definite Tijuana feel to them and a Spanish phrase book is almost a necessity. If I wasn't a typical Brit who thinks the whole world should understand English, I'd try and learn Spanish as it sure would be helpful here. If nothing else, I'd know what the staff are saying when we visit a Mexican restaurant !!

And quelle surprise, we went to such a restaurant last night. It was a first time visit for me but Debby and Dennis had been several times before. Now I'm a very picky and unadventurous eater and rarely try anything new as I just assume I'll not like it. Any new food item has to first pass look, smell and texture tests before it even gets to my mouth and sadly few pass them all.
Remember I'm the one who, when in the self proclaimed gastronomic capital of the world, Paris, ate my first meal in a McDonalds !

The outside of the restaurant last night did little to dispel my doubts about eating there.

Just a couple of points about the photo. Don't you like the name of the hair salon next door ? A bit different and a nod to our modern texting generation. Then there is the car for sale with a different type of way of letting people know it's for sale. See it ? Here it is a bit closer.

Thankfully the inside of the restaurant was much more welcoming than the outside and the staff were both friendly and attentive.

God I sound like a reviewer !!

Anyway Debby and I had already decided on splitting a flauta meal as it came with 2 flautas, deep fried tortillas filled with (in our case) shredded beef. I knew I'd not be keen on most of the 'stuff' that came with the flautas (cheese, guacamole, refried beans, sour cream and yellow rice) but I knew I'd like the flauta itself.

While we waited for the food to arrive, we made use of the paper 'game' that was provided as our place mats.

It's with a feeling of pride that I can tell the world that Debby found all 36 mistakes although we agreed that the woman walking a pig wasn't exactly a mistake and I'm sure I'd used a cart with square wheels on more than one occasion in a supermarket ! I also think that playing baseball with a tennis racket isn't a mistake at all but a very clever adaptation on the more customary bat idea.

But back to the meal and it was excellent. I loved the flauta, and my share of the rice and refried beans. I'd definitely go again and like I said at the beginning, a smattering of Spanish would've been handy - if only to know if they felt the 20% tip I left was enough !

I mean I'd like to know in advance if they toss anything 'extra' into my flauta next time !!

If you tell them it's your birthday, you'll get three 'presents'. First, for photographic purposes, they'll want to place a huge sombrero on your head but I'd pass on that as I'd imagine it had been on several hundred heads already. Next, I'd probably be able to stand the embarassment of being serenaded by the birthday amigos as long as this event was never ever mentioned again.

Finally, on the up side, I'd just accept the free dessert and call it a sopaipilla.

Buenos dias, amigos. Hasta luego.


Anonymous said...

Ah ha! I knew if I lurked long enuf, you or Debby would mention her favorite Mexican restaurant. Can't wait to try it - thanks for the picture!

Debby said...

It was an awesome evening!!!

It was ground beef though...I don't like shredded beef...I'm kind of picky myself!

It's a fabby place and they take really good care of me there. Free drinks now and then and always a very happy 'Hola!'. Don't worry about them spitting in your flauta next time...I tossed an extra few bucks on the tip plate as we left. *g*

Thank you for sharing a meal that I know you wouldn't have chosen to help me learn moderation. You are a true friend indeed as I know your meal quirks. Not everyone would do that for a friend. I appreciated it more than you could understand. Hugs!

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