Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween - Time To Be Silly

While still not mentally alert after my 18 hr journey to get here on Friday, I agreed to go to a halloween dance last night. As with all such events in sunny Buttonwood Bay, everyone got into the spirit of things and about 80% came in one sort of costume or another.

What made it so good was that these costumes weren't always themed, so we had Dorothy (Wiz of Oz) complete with Toto, a US fireman, a sheriff and his 'saloon flozzy', a few pirates and the usual plethera of doctors (Dr. Seymore Butts) and nurses. I did like the guy dressed in a large sack with a label on his t-shirt saying "Good".

Think about it !

Because I don't want to put up photos of residents that may not want even this low level of publicity (hey these people have family you know and what happens in Buttonwood Bay, stays in Buttonwood Bay), I'm limiting them to ones who were disguised by their masks or face paint or whatever. With a few of the residents being over 150, it wasn't always easy to know if they WERE wearing masks though !!

Hopefully only those who know her in the park will recognise her in this photo but it was just too good to not post here as it sums up the nature of the dance and the nature of the people who live here. Basically anything goes and being a senior citizen doesn't mean you've lost all sense of fun.

But just in case you don't want to be left with THAT image burned into your retinas and to show you that despite having little or no time to prepare for this dance, here is a photo of yours truely getting into the mood too.

This is a magical place alright and my normal British reservations and shyness get checked when I enter.

Of course it helps when you wear a costume so that no one knows who you are !!


Jennyta said...

Hmmm, an improvement, definitely an improvement. ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

One day in these parts and look what happens.

Daphne said...

Well, you claim it's a mask - - are you sure it wasn't just the jetlag? I hope you're back to your usual self by now!

CLS said...

the problem is, he keeps taking the mask off - - and then we're left with - - - -

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