Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some Sheep Shopping.

There are hundreds of cute shops in small picturesque towns and villages in The Lake District. It's just that sort of place.  Yes they can be touristy at times but come on, everyone has to make a living and tourism benefits us all.

(I hope my check from the English Tourist Board is in the post).

I like The Lake District.  I like cute shops. I also like sheep.  Ergo, I like sheep IN cute shops IN the Lake District. 

And here are some I found last week. 

They were spread out over the store but I herded them together for this group shot.

Given the sweet goodies behind them, I suspect those are guilty smiles on their faces.  When questioned, they said they were the store security sheep but I think they were pulling the wool over my eyes.

They're sheep.  That's their job.


Debby said...

Pink sheep are my favorite! I've added the one you sent me from the LD to my collection. You know, the collection minus the teddy bear? *g*

Daphne said...

There used to be some Welsh pottery sheep a few years back which were a bit similar - - except that they had slogans on their sides. Mine said "If Wales was flattened out, it would be bigger than England."

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