Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary

I'm not in the habit of wishing a happy wedding anniversary to family and friends, never mind total strangers but I'll make an exception today.

For the last few years, on May 26, British tv news programs and newspapers have been telling us about Frank and Anita Milford and what wedding anniversary they are celebrating now.  I remember first seeing these reports and articles when they had been married for 78 years and finding out that there is no specific 'gift' or gem stone or choice of flowers or anything past 75.

I thought that was very sad although Frank & Anita didn't seem to care much by then !

So down in Devon today they're still kissing and cuddling (only before bedtime don't you know) and celebrating their 81st wedding anniversary, a fact that blows my mind !  It must be to do with the clotted cream and the old phrase about even murderers getting less of a sentence comes to mind.

Next month they'll both be 101 so it's not as if they rushed into marriage at a young age !   They hold the current record for the oldest married couple as well as the longest married couple and who knows what records they'll hold as the years go by. They'll have to hang around for another 4 years to equal the world record for being married which stands at 85 and although 4 years isn't normally a long time to wait for something, it damn well is when you're 101 already !  Bless.

So if I was a drinking man, I'd raise my glass today to Frank and Anita.  Maybe I'll do it later with a can of Pepsi Max. I think convention goes out the window with these numbers. If they do look like making it to 85, I think something much more than a BBC report or a few newspaper articles should be planned for them.

Something relevant.  Something appropriate.  Something they both might need.

Like an all expenses paid trip to Reno !


Daphne said...

It reminds me of the story I heard from a doctor about the 80-year-old lady who was taken to A and E. She kept saying "I must tell my parents I'm here". Everyone thought she was senile - -until they rang the number she gave them and sure enough, there were her Mum and Dad at home, both aged well over 100!

rhymeswithplague said...

Something relevant. Something appropriate. Something they both might need. Hmmm.

Coffins, maybe?

Debby said...


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