Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Fuzzy Bridge Over Murky Waters

On our recent trip to London, I noticed a few changes, as you'd expect when visiting a capital city for the first time in several years.

One of the best was the new Millennium Bridge across The Thames which as well as looking quite nice compared to all the older bridges, gives a fantastic view and walk over to St. Paul's Cathedral and lends itself to unusual photographs......when it's not too crowded.

Here it is in all it's glory on a sunny May Day.  Click on it for the full effect.


Daphne said...

I liked the contrast of the new bridge with the old cathedral, and the great view of St Paul's as you cross the bridge. Definitely a Good Thing.

jay said...

Wow, yes, that is an unusual photograph. Quite beautifully done!

Debby said...

It might ease my mind, but it makes my eyes feel funny looking at the picture!

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