Saturday, May 09, 2009

Caption Competition

Making our way to see the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park on Thursday, we passed along the edge of The Serpentine and came upon a swan with her cute cygnets.

This particular scene cries out for captions so please feel free to add your own. 

....from the cygnet on the right :

1)  Hey Billy....I can hear the ocean !

2) Go on, fart again....the bubbles tickle my ear.

3) Dammit there goes another contact lens.

....from the cygnet on the left :

1)  No, no, no, you dipstick.  The lyrics say you put your left FOOT in..............

2) Ok now shhhhh......I'll tell mum you're dead and then you pop up and say    "April Fool"

3) You've not got the hang of hide n'seek yet have you ?

4) So what are those minnows saying about us ?


Daphne said...

You've got all the best ones! But I think the cygnet on the left is saying "Look, Jeremy, I know you think it's a distant whale but it's just Philip tooting his horn outside Buckingham Palace again, honest."

jay said...

Oh, that is cute! Nice picture, too!

I think the cygnet on the right is saying:

'I've lost attitude control, Captain! Switching to manual override now'

Debby said...

More dippy ducks! Yay!

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

LOL oh my fave is 'I can hear the ocean', how adorable are they though!

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