Wednesday, May 13, 2009

From Your Barrow Correspondent.......

It's all gone a bit dark here in Barrow which isn't surprising considering its almost midnight. I came up to this far flung corner of The Empire on Monday, with Daffy, and we leave again tomorrow so that I can be home to watch Leeds progress to the final of the League One footy payoffs.

I think I can speak for us both, and often do, when I say we've had a wonderful time, helped, in no small measure by unseasonably fabby weather. It's been like mid May in fact.

"It IS mid May, you berk !"

Oh so it is.

To be more accurate, we've been staying with an old friend who lives on the outskirts of Barrow and on this trip, so far, we've never actually gone into the town. Not much to see really and as this trip was to be about scenic countryside, Barrow fails somewhat on that criteria anyway.

And scenic countryside we've jolly well bucketfuls. We've had 3 days of it by going a few miles each day into parts of the lower Lake District never before seen by yours truly. We've been on a steam driven boat, a steam driven train and toured around in my steam driven car. Ok petrol driven maybe but I didn't want to spoil the moment.

We've also eaten like royalty, if royalty ever bothered to eat good, freshly prepared food in a pub. Can't see Phil The Greek doing that somehow. We've had lovely company from time to time (thank you Amy, Frank & Leslie) and we've slept like 10 year olds who have worn themselves out by playing outside till they were called in for supper and then bed. Walking miles will do that to you.

Daphne brought along her dongle (oh stop sniggering and Google it) but sadly it not only wouldn't work on my laptop but messed it up so much I had to do a system restore. Never one to put all her technological eggs in one basket, she also brought her Eee with her and so I'm now using it, with the previously mentioned dongle, to access the net and create this post. Daffy, on the other hand, has been using her Blackberry to keep in touch with the world beyond Barrow and it has been very useful as soon after we got here, her son-in-law had to have emergency surgery as his appendix blew up and filled up his stomach with 2 quarts of......well you might be eating so I'll spare you more details. Using the Blackberry to keep in touch with all things medical has been
a Godsend.

So with all this technology at our disposal where are the photos, I hear you ask ? Where are the videos of this stunning countryside I also hear you ask ?

Patience, mon petite readers de blog. I'm having so much fun that such things will have to wait till I get home. The photos and videos are all safely stored on my laptop and I COULD use my flashdrive to copy them across to this Eee but this thing runs Linux and I'm such a Windows man that I thought Linux was a character from Peanuts ! So although I could get the photos on here, I wouldn't have a clue where they'd gone or how to get at them to upload to this blog. Basically without Windows Explorer, I'm like Stevie Wonder wearing sunglasses in a dark midnight.

Yes I know I could upload them from the flashdrive but that would involve work and like I said, I'm here for fun and so you'll have to wait a day or so longer.

So that's the update. I'm in my bed with the Eee on my lap and thanks to this amazing dongle thingy, I can surf the world. What an age we live in. I feel like Jack Bauer.

Except he wouldn't be caught dead in Barrow.


Debby said...

To dongle or not to dongle....glad you're having a fabby time!!!

rhymeswithplague said...

Never heard of a dongle before, but have incorporated it into my vocabulary after a quick look at wiki.

Okay, so Debbie is in Florida, but what does Stephen have to say about all this traipsing around with his Daphne??

un not-so-petite reader de votre blog

Silverback said...

Stephen is away on a work's course all week so he doesn't know. Shhhhhhhhhhh.

Katherine said...

Ha ha - Linux...

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