Monday, May 18, 2009

Hello Mr. Chips

As I said in a previous post, when we were up in The Lake District last week, we went to Coniston Water and popped out onto the lake for a spin in a steam yacht.

All that lack of exercise gave us raging appetites and so once back on dry land, we headed for a local hostelry for a bite to eat.  I was anticipating several bites but then I'm just a glutton.

A bit of local knowledge took us to the Black Bull Inn & Hotel and what a gem it was.  At over 400 years old, it had all the atmosphere of a really very old place indeed and for some bizarre reason, we had it just about all to ourselves. Normally it's packed to the oak beams so we struck lucky I guess.

Anyway after a lot of thinking, I picked the Cumberland sausage with chips (fries to my US readers) and as Daphne ordered something with chips as well, our portions came together in one basket.  I'm telling you this in case you think I ate the lot you see in this photo all by myself. Actually if memory serves me right, Daphne ate like a pig and I only had one or two chips. 

I have a VERY selective memory.

I don't often post photos of the food I eat (whadyamean I do ??) but in this case I know some of my ex-pat readers will drool over both the sausage AND the chips.  Yep they were just as yummy as they look - probably the bestest chips I've ever eaten and I've eaten plenty in my time. Go on, enlarge the photo and have a good look at those golden chips, chips that actually contain potato.

I've no idea how that unhealthy salad stuff got on there as there is no way I ordered it.  Damned cheek.

To say I'd recommend this place would be putting it mildly.  If you're ever in Europe or even close, like say in Asia, you must visit this pub. It's also historically interesting as it seems this is where Donald Campbell had a chip buttie before he went off to try and break the world water speed record on Coniston Water in 1967.

Being a man's man, I bet they didn't sneak any bloody salad onto HIS plate !


Milo said...

I go on about that to-die-for fish and chip shop which is near where I live in London. Soooo good, no other food comes close. You just can't beat great chips (or bangers, or fried fish).

Daphne said...

I've just had a healthy stir-fry of mixed veg and nuts and noodles - - and I thought it was fine - - until I saw this photograph of Real Food. I'm hungry again now. Yes, it's a great pub and Coniston's lovely too. And ohhhh, those chips!

Katherine said...

They look just like NZ chips :-)

britoutofwater said...

Must. Have. Cumberland. Sausage. Must. Have. Cumberland. Sausage.

jay said...

" ... I've no idea how that unhealthy salad stuff got on there as there is no way I ordered it. Damned cheek."

Hahaha! You sound just like OH! He loves good chips, too. If we're ever up that way we'll go find that pub, though with our luck, it will have changed hands or the chips will be 'off'. LOL!

Debby said...

I'm drooling! Those chips look fabby & you know I do love your sausage. *g*

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