Saturday, January 10, 2009

Twixt Sun And Moon

It's just gone midnight and I'm about to get off to bed.

I was out and about in the park for about 3 hours yesterday (Fri) as I wanted to take some photos using my tripod (and the camera !!), something I don't do very often due to it's bulk and the lack of spontaneity that comes with having to set it up.

I got some decent photos of a turtle that had wandered up close to the cart path, some new ducks which appeared just before Christmas and still remain and the usual assortment of other feathered friends that seem to live here all year round.

I'll post a few of them later today.

Now sunsets here at Buttonwood Bay range from normal to stunning depending on many factors and when I'd finished today it was almost 5:30pm and so I waited a few minutes to see what sort of sunset I'd be treated to.

With a clear sky, the sunset was just.....normal.

So nothing special then ?

A few minutes later darkness descended and by the time I'd made my way back 'home' a new light had taken its place in the sky.

A full moon in all its glory.

Again nothing special ?

It's sometimes nice to know that towards the end of every day, the sun will always set and the moon will always take it's place.

In a world where you never know what's coming next, I'd call that special.

I hope you all have a very safe and peaceful night.


Katherine said...

Yes! Is normalcy fabulous?!
Lovely pics, Ian. Thank you so much for posting them.

Daphne said...

All your "normal" Florida sunsets are stunning! And when I clicked on the Moon photo I could just about make out the American flag from 1969. Beautiful photos, lovely post.

Jay said...

Actually, I think both photos are quite extraordinary! There is a clarity and simplicity about both of them which is pretty damn hard to achieve.

Silverback said...

Thank you ladies....and Daphne. Hehe.

Daphne that flag was flattened when the recent Indian lunar probe crash landed. They sent NASA a help line number in Mumbai but no one answers.

Debby said...

I thought it was very special. I was there.

Anonymous said...

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