Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eat Your Heart Out Spielberg

Yesterday afternoon (Fri), I went out with my camcorder for a change as I'd had such an incredible reaction to my poolside video from 10 days ago.

Despite those death threats I decided to do another little videoette but given the lateness of the hour and the icicles forming under my nose (see previous post), it ended up being a short epic......rather like a Wallace & Gromit movie but without as much plasticine.  None in fact.

The pool video was done using the laptop webcam so this one is a bit better quality, technically speaking.  You may have your own ideas of course !!

So here for your delectation, as dear old Leonard Sachs used to say, are a few scenes around the lake here in Buttonwood Bay, a few of the birds I've blogged about over the last couple of years and finally a very short trip along one of our park roads - sadly a bit jerky as I was also driving the golf cart at the same time. Where is a steadycam when you need one ?

My budget didn't even run to a key grip or a dolly grip and muggins here had to double as the best boy.  Don't start !

If anyone wants to sponsor me, I can be contacted through my agent, Daphne. Best to leave it till after the weekend though so I can let her know.

Oh just a few pointers : once you've hit the arrow to start it, it can take about 30 secs to get going, even on a relatively fast connection. Those of you using dialup, I'd go fix yourselves a mug of coffee or something. Secondly, the little icon next to the word 'vimeo' will make it fullscreen but to get it to a reasonable size for uploading has meant a huge reduction in quality so I'd not recommend fullscreen unless you're watching it from across the road in a neighbours house. And finally don't keep pressing the start icon. It won't make it load any faster, people !

Ok, dim the lights, pop the corn and enjoy.


Daphne said...

Lovely! I've been there! I've been there! (jumps up and down in showing-off exceitement) Ask that heron if it remembers me, will you?

Jennyta said...

That's brilliant, Ian. Didn't realise your voice had broken though. ;)
These golf carts you keep mentioning - do you EVER walk anywhere??

rhymeswithplague said...

Absolutely fabulous! Has anyone ever told you that you sound exactly like Louis Armstrong!!??

If that nomination isn't imminent, they'll have me to answer to....

Milo said...

Enjoyed the vid! Amazing wildlife you have there!

Anonymous said...


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