Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sick Signs Of The Times

Two stories over the last couple of days make me wonder about UK society right now.

Two young robbers attacked an 89 yr old Leeds war vet on his way home from his local fish and chip shop, a trip he made once a week as it was only 75 yds from his home. The yobs ran off laughing with his walking stick and his fish supper, leaving the old guy with bloody cuts and bruises and severely shocked. 

Two young robbers broke into the home of a frail 78 yr old Cardiff woman, threatened her with her own walking stick and when she wouldn't hand over any money, one of them snapped the neck of her pet budgie in front of her. They pushed her into a corner, took £150 and left her shaking and terrified.

Now I'm sure worse things happen all the time and neither of these old people were badly injured but I think the part that got to me the most was that at a time when senior citizens have enough to worry about, they also have to worry about being attacked in or near their homes and for what, a small amount of money or their special and chips. 

These weren't rich people. And they were also old and vulnerable. Easy prey for these yobs.

What sort of 'pleasure' could anyone get from attacking anyone for their evening meal ?  What sick bastard would kill a tiny bird when threatening a senior citizen in their own home ?  I mean, really. Do you think that is something to proudly tell your pals about over a pint the next day ? Do you think that is something to laugh about as it proves what a big tough man you are ?

Sadly in sections of UK society today, it is.

Maybe next time, and there will surely be a next time, these thugs will be REALLY brave and do these deeds by themselves.  I mean isn't it a little bit cowardly for two of you to attack these oldies ?  I wonder what sort of adults these people 'grow' into ?  Habitual criminals probably who spend the rest of their miserable thieving lives in and out of prison.

It's also got to the point where walking sticks are now offensive weapons, but used against the owners.  

When I get to the stage when I need the use of a stick, I'll be getting a hollow one with a blade inside it.  Then if I'm attacked on the way home from the local chippy, I'll be having yob kebabs for my supper instead.


Jennyta said...

Great idea, Ian, so will I! This is what happens when youngsters grow up being allowed to think that nothing and no-one can touch them. They have no respect for or fear of anyone.

Daphne said...

Yes, they're always in twos or more, as you point out. These kind of stories make me furious and I start saying "What ought to be done is - -"! - - but actually, I'm not sure WHAT would solve this problem. Better parenting skills for a start - how do we bring that about?

Jay said...

We've allowed this to happen to society because we are no longer allowed to lay a finger on young thugs, not even if they're threatening us or our property. At the same time, we've fostered attitudes of 'nothing is your fault' and 'everyone is a victim' and also 'you are entitled .. ' Not forgetting political correctness, which also has quite a lot of influence. We have become victims of the Nanny State, and this is our reward.

These thugs have no respect for their elders, and no regard for the weak and vulnerable. It wasn't that long ago when the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the very young - and pregnant women - were all pretty much left alone by thugs and criminals. Not much longer ago than that, all children and women could be included. It was considered the act of a spineless cad to target such people.

No longer true, sadly.

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