Monday, January 05, 2009

Global Warming ?

As I've said before on this blog, it's always gratifying when one is away on holiday (albeit for 6 months) and one learns that the weather back home isn't quite as 'nice' as where one

I've been reading over the last few days that the UK is in the middle of a cold snap where ice is a constant problem in the mornings and snow is to be seen in small amounts from North to South and all bits in between.

Daphne, she of blog fame and a resident of my home city of Leeds, told me that she'd chipped the ice out of her bird bath and a few days later the discarded ice was still on the lawn.  Now this wouldn't be news to residents of most of the Northern US states where they won't even see their lawns till about mid April.....but it is usual for Brits.

So as a token of 'hands across the (ice) water' and entente cordiale and all that good stuff, I thought I'd get up out of my patio chair, put my temperature display on the top of it and take a photo to post on here. 

Feel free to click on it and have a good close look.  Go on.  You know you want to.  

Feel free to print this photo, Daphne, and use it to line your bird bath.  Even if it doesn't keep the ice from forming, it'll at least give the birds something warm to look at as they skate off the edge.

You can probably see why we have 4 a/c units, 4 ceiling fans and 3 portable fans in our small residence here.

Who needs postcards ??  I'm off to the pool.


Milo said...

This is turning into a long, harsh, cruel winter. Wish I was somewhere warm.

Imagine my fuel bill will go through the roof when next it's due.

Jay said...

I suppose you think that's funny?

Only a light sprinkling of snow here, but the temperature and wind-chill are grim. On the other hand, 115 degrees (with the kind of humidity you guys get) would be too much for me.

So ya-boo-sucks to you! *Insert raspberry noises here*

Daphne said...

Sorry, I couldn't really read your post because the ice on my computer screen has made the print all blurry. I've no idea what that funny little thing with writing on is in the middle of the photograph.

CLS said...

Mad dogs AND etc should stay out of the mid-afteroon sun . . . it wasn't quite that hot in the shade !!

Silverback said...

I'll email you some anti freeze, Daffy. And in case you still can't see it, it was 115F here this afternoon but only 81F in the shade.

Sorry, Jay.

Debby said...

Ahhh life is indeed good here.

Anonymous said...


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